Resolution Solutions

I’ve been thinking a lot about the looming New Year and the prospect of setting goals and intentions for the upcoming turnover. Is there really a new beginning? And is there a reason for setting new goals at the beginning of each year? I think at every new beginning however subconscious we all set an intention to do better, to be more mindful of our actions. I know a few years ago that I said I would express my love in new ways everyday, which helped me harbour more compassion and awareness of my emotions through out the year.

I’ve decided to set deliberate intentions for myself that are maybe vague but also positive enough to inspire change in my everyday life. I do not feel comfortable sharing every promise to myself with you, but I can shape the process in which I came to a few realizations for 2015.

I want to stop being so productive. What a hilarious generalisation for this post, to say being productive is essential in my life is an understatement, I feel useless if I am unproductive, but I honestly believe if I took the pressure off of myself to constantly be creating things then the motivation, muse and creativity would come more fluidly, without forcing anything. In a variety of ways I’ve decided to give myself the space to be okay with unproductive days, and hold onto the positive feelings I do have when I am productive.

I want to write more. This is clearly connected to my first thought, being that being productive is essential to my happiness, but also that writing is. I want to write something creative everyday, and without being in university I have the time and mental space to do so. I have been trying to finish a webseries for a few months now and only have a few episodes to finish, and I would like to start writing some essays again. I think 2015 is going to be the year of unsolicited non-fiction essays for me. This also means I’m going to have to pick up a few books of compiled essays (DARN MORE READING. JK). My creativity comes in my writing and I want to be able to enjoy the time I have to do so early this upcoming year.

I want to be healthy. This does not mean losing the 20 pounds I’ve been frustrated with for the past six years, or cutting out pasta and bread from my diet, it means that I want to be consistently healthier in every way possible. I’ve started this process in December by jogging nearly every day with workouts and yoga peppered in weekly. I’ve eaten healthier and made better cooking choices, and I’ve given myself space for sleep and meditation, which both have impacyed each other positively. I think the biggest goal I have for 2015 is to have healthier sleep, and I’ll leave it at that.

The last intention I am working on for 2015 is nurturing relationships. A good friend of mine (whom I will be spending NYE with and who will be reading this eventually, HI JUDE!) has asked me for the past few years early on in the year what my “word” for the year would be. I’ve said “Nurturing,” and “positivity,” and I’ve been trying to find a word that will guide me through this upcoming year. Patience comes to mind, because I have very little of it, or commmunication because I could get better at not covering up my feelings to smooth out a situation, but I think my word for 2015 will be Identity. My identity within relationships, with my family, with myself and with my career. I want to maybe not make a name for myself but figure out where that name needs to be, and if I am true to the kind of person I want to be within my relationships.

I encourage everyone to not set unrealistic resolutions this year like “Quit Smoking,” or “Go to the Gym Every Single Day!” but to think like a logical, healthy human, with a compassionate heart, and find some good goals to look towards in 2015. Do you want to be more hopeful and positive? Do you want to change the way you view situations? Do you want to finish Gilmore Girls in a week? these are all quality things to think about it, and in the last few days of 2014 do not forget to look at how far you’ve come! If you made an outrageous resolution last year that failed look at why and try to make changes for the best for your resolutions this year!

And as always, best wishes.

xx Jess


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