The Last Xmas Hurrah!

Hi friends! I hope you’ve all had a safe and cosy holiday time with family and friends, loved ones, and of course your food! I’ve spent the last few days since I last posted with my family and it has been wonderful. hristmas, I’ve come to understand, does not come from a store, it doesn’t come from gifts, it doesn’t even come from the food you eat or the lights on the tree. It comes from the feeling you get when someone special makes an effort to spend time with you and be with you for the holidays.

So thank you, to the loved ones in my life who have made this holiday cheery and bright for me. And I leave you with a shrot note that I will be writing regular posts starting tomorrow! Back to preparations for New Year’s and resolutions! But for now, I leave you with one last CHRISTMAS HURRAH!

image (3)   image (4)

image (5)   image (6)

image (7)   image

image (1)

image (2)

xx Jess


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