NYE Plans, Outfit & Beyond!

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a fun-filled holiday season so far, I know I’ve been surrounded by good people, good food and good laughes for the past week and am gearing up for the last sha-bang of the holidays which is always the ever-elusive NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY! I am actually hosting this year, which I’ve done in the past but this year is a bit more organised/relaxed/going to be fun better and awesome! So I thought I’d share a bit of my preparations, including my outfit choice and makeup plans (tomorrow is test run day!). Here we go!

First off, this party is going to be hella-cool. Why? Because most of my good friends are putting on fancy dresses and bringing food and alcohol to my home and we are going to dance to Spice Girls, play Cards Against Humanity an Charades, and drink sangria until midnight to which we will TWIST AND SHOUT until we fall asleep at 12:15. This, this is my dream New Year’s. Will it happen? I hope so. I’m making a massive batch of my famous sangria (blog post pending, stay tuned for that!!) and will be making a home-made veggie platter as well as some treats and bobs, there are a bunch of people coming so I expect lots of food so I’d rather provide wee things and then have people bring the rest!

The only thing party related I have left to buy is decorations (other than boring groceries) and after watching @LaurDIY ‘s NYE decoration DIY I have become inspired and am hitting up Target and some other craft supply stores to get some projects going! Here’s Lauren’s video if you would also like to try some of her projects!

As always I am encouraging responsible drinking so a handful of my close friends (who aren’t DD-ing or cabbing home) are staying over at my house! This means a lot of laundry, heater-inspection and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bed) situations are going on as I prep! I have a few extra couches, beds and hide-away beds that are available, and am making the rounds of laundry and pillow/sheets organization. This is just something I do when I host a bunch of people at a party, I think it is considerate of a hostess to make sure that her guests will have clean sheets and comfortable places to sleep!

Next is THE DRESS! I actually ordered the dress in from @Asos a few weeks ago, here is a link if you’re interested for the future! (If you’re coming to the party don’t click on the link it must be a surprise! For everyone else…I wish you were coming to the party but DO click on the link so you can be included too!)

New Look Off the Shoulder Skater Dress

The party is fancier dress because most people who do go out for New Year’s Eve at bars or something (I have in the past) want to be a bit dressier, sparklier, to ring in the new year in style. I personally am in love with this dress because it is a classy black, comfortable fit but also is fancy and glam. I will be matching it with a few key pieces of sparkly jewelry but the mainly accessories with this dress are going to be TIGHTS (to be determined tomorrow, hopefully something sparkly and knee-highed) and MAKEUP, which will be explained below.

As for makeup I’ve been tossing up a few looks. I am about to head to the main makeup mall in my city to see what Sephora and MAC have to offer, and after I spend my entire credit amount there I will be heading to the drugstore to pick up the classic last minute touches. I have decided to go FAKE LASH CRAZY this NYE and will be purchasing my first package of lashes. I’ve seen enough tutorials that I know I will need a test run (tomorrow) so I may do a blog post on that if that goes well (and if it doesn’t maybe a post on anti-fake-lashes!).

I’ve also looked to some of my fave beauty tubers for some inspiration and these two have really struck me as FAB for the party.

@leighannsays has this absolutely bombshell makeup tutorial on the best dang sparkled eyes I’ve ever seen that I would LOVE to try out for the party potentially. Mostly because I have never quite done that dramatic of eyes and it would be neat with the fake lashes to try it out. Either way I will most likely be trying this tomorrow in the test run, but who knows what will actually come of it she does it so perfectly I feel like I’d not be able to do it justice! Here’s the video for your reference!

The next Youtuber (whom I met the other day and she is just AMAZING!) recently posted a Taylor Swift inspired makeup look that I ADORE and would really like to do for New Year’s. Why? The big bold lip. The problem with me lovin’ the bold lipstick is that it doesn’t leave me a lot of creatie space for dramatic eyes, but this T-Swift rendition has the dramatic eyes and the bold lip, which might combine what I’m going for perfectly. @essiebutton knows what she’s talking about when things come together with a bold lip, seriously!

And that is the main look I am going for! Something between these two videos, sparkly jewelry, cute knee-high tights and the hair is till up in the air. I’m hoping to find a good up-do, if anyone has any recomendations I would be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL as I tend to always go for the same thing and by 11:45 its in a ponytail anyway. I’ll be perusing youtube and pinterest for inspiration before the test run tomorrow anyway!

As always, I hope evryone has an amazing evening regardless of what you are doing. I am surrounding myself with close loved friends so that I can bring in the new year with joy and fun, I know a lot of people like to spend it doing their own thing–totally cool, by all means, its your life, but remember that life is short and 2015 bings us closer to everything we’ve ever wanted (why am I so cheesy the last few days??). My cousin and her fiancee were engaged on NYE last year so I wish them a happy ring-aversary, and hope they spend it however they want!


xx Jess


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