Hello, Diary

Dear Diary,

Long ago I decided to blog for many reasons. I wanted to get my thoughts straight, and I wanted to write beautiful things or meaningful things. I wanted to be stronger creatively and produce original work every day. I wanted to touch people with my stories, and I wanted to mean something to someone. I think that’s just it, I’ve always wanted to mean something, to leave an imprint, to provoke, to cause a reaction, and to become a realization. I think I started blogging more for myself to feel meaningful, is all, and now I blog for some other reasons.

I don’t blog to brag. I hope that is evident, even if I blog about making recipes or going places I do not write to brag about my life, there is much to be seen about my life that I do not share on here, and so that part of my life is clung close to my own heart, the things I do write about are hopefully fun and engaging, and you will be inspired to try them too. Most of the things I write about are easilly accessible by people in Canada, and with that I hope that from my blog somene tries something new or different.

Other than that, I now have been writing my blog so that I have something to do. That’s is the most honest sentence I’ve written, I just need something to do. And I’m not ready to make a 365-blog again anytime soon, but I want to write a bit more creatively and I will be hopefully sticking to that once a week. If that’s not your thing then skip it, I won’t be offended. I write prose for others but creatively primarilly for myself, especially poetry, but something about having this wordpress brings me motivation to write. Possibly from the potential of someone seeing it, most likely because I write everything on Microsoft Word and it gives another venue for creation.

What have I learned from blogging this year? That I can write about a ton of different things and I should take risks. I will continue to do this, and take risks on this blog’s behalf. I know that in 2015 I need to take more risks, not saying that that’s a resolution, but it is definitely a need that I am aware of. I need to take some serious risks and stop sitting with the normal, comfortable, I need discomfort to find a way on my own two feet.

So, I’ll leave 2014 with this:

If this past year was not your favourite, let is pass with joy of an ending, if it was a great year for you then be grateful for it and move on with joy for your luck and grace. If you’re worrying for the upcoming year, take one last, comfortable breath in the now and take a risky step into the new, with me, holding my hand, because this is going to be a new adventure for us all, no matter how big or small.

And have a fun, safe and fabulous celebration tonight.


xx Jess


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