January Playlist

January 24, 1992 I decided to be born. I think I decided it, because I was a week early, and my mom was watching soap operas and eating tomato soup when I decided to jab my foot and come out (not literally, that’s gross) and this means that January is my Birthday month, which means the playlist is going to be done MY WAY with MY SONGS and IN MY FASHION. So, yo, I’m doing it a day early, because I wanted the last post for 2014 to be meatier than a few songs that mean a lot to me that you may or may not listen to (please listen to them).

So, here it goes! These songs mean so much to me, so give them a try!



These are a handful of the songs that when they are played, alone or with people, will touch my heart, inspire me to get going, or get me dancing. Mostly all three.

I win.

xx Jess


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