Eat, Pray, Love and Reading Relationships

You know when you are on your way home from a trip and your plane lands and a wave of relief washes over you because you are home? That same feeling comes to me when I read a certain book. Eat, Pray, Love was one of those books for many reasons, but one in particular, which is leading your own life for your own self to give more to others. This wash of relief occured to me today as I finished the last chapter, and it was a wonderful one about love and life and the meaning of our relationships with whomever we choose.

I read this book quickly, and much of it reminded me of my own journey, however small in comparison, despite the problems I had with some of her decisions, I know that Liz was going to find the equilibrium between eating, praying and loving. I do not consider myself spiritual in any capacity other than truly believing in people, and that if we all have something to offer than we can all be happy. If we just lead our lives to give or just lead our lives for ourselves we cannot live in happiness, and what else is there to strive for, really? Health? What is health without happiness? What is comfort without happiness? And happiness is so subjective and beautiful to each person that it allows the entire population to strive for different things in different ways, which is so incredible for a species to aim for.

While reading this book the New Year passed and we welcomed 2015 with howling winds, good food, laughter and companionship. Is life about anything else, really? The air we breathe, the sustenance we crave, the joyful union of friends and loved ones, it is the essence of happiness in my life anyway.

So from this book I took away some aspects of my own personal meditation and motivation to do more travelling and share it with the right people. I learned a bit about myself in awareness of spirituality and the connection that I with meditation that is so similar to Liz’s in the novel. I also have taken a turn in learning about relationships. I suppose that has been the focus of my intentions for 2015 and cultivating patience, but to be honest it is a journey. When we learn math or grammar no one just knows the skill immediately, and for me patience is quite literally being practised as the year came in.

As I move on to other books I feel haunted, if only a little, by the lack of a conclusion in the plot of Eat, Pray, Love. Was it because she felt serene in her meditation that it ended? Or is it a testiment to no endings at all? That life is just beginnings and endings in motion? I think that’s a bit of bullshit, I would’ve liked some sort of narrative conclusion as opposed to spiritual, but if I’m honest that’s just the reader inside of me, the yogi found it powerful, but it doesn’t compute because of the lack of ending.

I want to be inspired by reading again. Not inspired to write or create my own stories as much as inspired to ask questions, now, and learn. I may look for more literature of this nature this year.

I hope everyone’s new year has been fabulous these past two days, I got the first good sleep in a long time last night and am heading on into a productive and good year for sure!


xx Jess


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