Getting an Instagram Account (for the first time…)

Not having an iphone means a lot of things when it comes to social media. It means the emoji phenomenon and the obsession with snapchat and instagram. My blackberry is perfect for what I need. It upload twitter and my email as fast as I want and keeps me textin’, but it does not have instagram capability, which is a bit disappointing, and I’ve never wanted an account really, but y ipad has just had the download of its life.

Follow me on instagram, @fekkledfudge –are we surprised? It’s the only username on most social media that is never taken, and its been mine since 2009, so why stop there?

I believe that instagram will change my life because I can now share the amazing food I make or find, pictures I take (haaaaaa) and moments that I save with my ipad. This may mean I am in need of a larger purse for walking around the cities that I wander around because the ipad is a bit bigger than an iphone, but if I’m honest it also works well with coffee-shop writing, blog picture-taking and a variety of other work-related things that will benefit from this development in my life.

If anything I will be joining the ranks of everyone else in social media who uses instagram for advertising, sharing photos, researching info on celebrities and looking cool (what are filters?!). I’ve posted three pictures as of this moment but anticipate pictures of everything from snacks, sunsets, and coffee a lot of coffee.

I have decided to just follow people back if they look like cool accounts or if I know the people–the same philosophy that I have for my twitter and tumblr, so that’s cool too I guess? What is instagram ettiquette? I am so doomed.

xx Jess


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