Looking Cute in the Snow Series #1

Thermal tights.

aphoto (2)

I’ve lived in Ontario, Canada for 23 winters now, every winter of y life, actually, and if Iam completely honest unless you have an unsulated beautiful peacoat you are going to be wearing oversized ski jackets and puffy thermal coats for the winter season. If you try to wear anything else I hope you enjoy frostbite, because it gts pretty chilly around here. What are my tips for dressing warmly but also lookin’ cute for the winter? Stick around, I’ve got some tricks for you.

I’m starting these tricks off with thermal tights. These are normal tights (not to be confused with leggings, these tights need to be worn with a dress/skirt combo NOT alone as pants) with an extra layer of thick softness on the inside. I have two pairs at the moment, one from Gap and one from American Eagle, and both pairs fit like a dream. They are the cosiest things on the planet and are so warm that they areworth the $15-25 dollars they cost for a pair. They wash up in the laundry and last a long time. They are black but I am sure if you did a little digging you could find some in different colours, but for me under dresses for casual work or going to bars on those frosty nights no one wants cold knees/blue legs from those negative temperatures, and these thermal tights are a worthwhile solution.

If you are like me and love to wear dresses all year round please go seasonal this winter. The style right now is to wear knee-to-high thigh tights with skirts but choose your warmth over fashion this season. If the outfit calls without changing the thigh highs do what a good friend of mine does and wear pantyhose underneath (the flesh coloured ones) and put the knee-thigh highs on overtop. That gives you two layers and hopefully better/warmer coverage. Just wear pants, its that easy.

Stay tuned for more tips later on this week about looking cute and staying warm!

xx Jess


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