I Am Not A Beauty Blogger

I feel the pressure to buy product and put them on my face and then tell you all about it so people will read my blog. I feel the need to put together outfits and put my pictures on display, or do tutorials on how I do my flawless makeup. None of these things appeal to me. Sure, I’ll do a review of something I like and show pictures if I feel like it but for the most part I’m going to write about what I want.

For example I really wanted to title today’s post “My Favourite Beatles Song” (which is Golden Slumbers, if you are wondering) but I thought it would be kind of boring (it would’ve been) and so I’m going to write about writing a blog for you all, because everyone wants to read over-talked-about meta crap, right?

Blogs are so fun. Like, I can literally write about what I want to write about and then like, my friends and family and random people will read it and somewhere in there someone will think differently. Is that cool? Yes. Does it really make a difference for me? Not really. I love to write about what I’m thinking about, and doing so on here is the best part of it all.

Am I interested in journalism? No. Do I want to make this blog a job? Well, it is kindof, considering how much time I write on it, but ultimately I have other, bigger goals, that this blog just fits into on its won.

Oh blog, I talk about you too much, why do I not just write? I promise tomorrow we will be back to regular programming (and maybe a bit more…?) but for now let me leave you with this:

Why do we do anything? Why do we research new ways to excersize our bodies and why do we buy and watch netflix? hy do we study the ungs or the human face’s reaction to makeup? Why do we focus on pornhub materials or materialistic corporation advertising? Because we all need something to do that we feel contributes to society in some way. “Soceity,” meaning the world we live in that relates to us so this bog relates to you, the person who took the time to keep reading this blather, are my society, so thanks for sticking around.

Like I said, I may write something about fashion tomorrow or it could be about books or the blog again. Who cares, its my blog. I like your face.

xx Jess


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