I Don’t Know Everything

Sometimes I have to remind myelf and everyone around me this fact. It is simple. In fact, no one knows everything, or the answers to everything or how to deal with every situation. Not one person on the planet enters into all situations in their life thinkkking WOW I KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE, or what to say, or how to mentally handle this. I do not ever in a milion years boast that I know the answer to everything.

So it is a bit frustrating when we make mistakes and then the person who we affect gets angry. Like, we all make mistakes they are necessary for growth and life, so why do we all get so angry at eachother? I am subject to this anger because I hate it when people mess up too, but can’t we all just acknowledge that we all make mistakes and that it is a part of life? No? Well at least can we make these issues a less of a deal? Because it is geting hard to live in a world where I am defined by my mistakes and not the responsibility that I constantly take for them or the inevitable lessons that I learn from them.

Is this vague? I feel like its vague. Let me be a bit more positive about this.

How about we all spend more time supporting each other’s journeys and less time judging and talking shit behind eachother’s backs. I want to be a better person today and tomorrow and look back on the lesser, weaker, confused me and wave and smile and not apologise for who I am or the decisions I have made but be proud of the person I have become fromthe struggles I have gone through.

Every single person in the entire world has a story. No matter what you think inside your own head about your own story and how hard you have it someone else is dealing with shit too, actually the barista you mindlessly accepted your coffee from this morning has a story and has gone through shit, your best friend is going through something right now, and your mom who you fight with constantly has an entire backstory that hasn’t been privvy to your knowledge. They need to acknowledge your story too, but just be mindful of everyone’s stories, everyone makes mistakes we are never ever going to be perfect.

Perfection is stupid.

So be excited by mistakes sometimes, you failed, so what, this is going to pass and things will get better because of it.

And if things get harder, then work through it. Your strength will prevail. Your strength defines you, not your weakness.

AND JUST REMEMBER THAT EVERYONE IS WORTH SUPPORTING AND LOVING. No matter how angry you get at a friend or someone on the internet or your mom, they all deserve support and love, no matter their mistakes or their thoughts. Love eachother, be kind, and be strong.

Lots of love,

xx Jess


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