Looking Cute in the Snow Series #2


Alright, I understand what you are thinking and feeling about this post already. It was a tiny bit misleading, because no, it isn’t necessarily about looking cute in the snow…But, it is about FEELING cute/good/comfortable in the snow, which if I’m honest is probably better for you anyway. I’ve actually have been wanting to write this blog post since about August so thankfully it is seasonal (I use these products year-round) and thankfully they work wonders. These products are not local, but my friends, trust me, they are needed.

As I have aged my skin has decided to not only get worse but dry out faster and deeper than usual. I use plain old Vaseline on my lips and eye creases (story of a dry-eyed gal) as well as my nail beds whenever they need it. This product has not only made a difference in my sleep (overnight the vaseline moistens my face in ways that I can only associate with “big drink of water for my face”) but in my everyday. I take the following small travel-size in my purse instead of chapstick because it lasts longer than any chapstick I have ever used and is easier to apply than a full tub of Vaseline (this does not mean I am void from the tub, because I have a huge tub near my bed!).


The other half of the Vaseline train that I am on right now I only got on Friday but I promise you it has made the biggest difference over the weekend. It is called Vaseline Intensive Care and I have again a small travelsize for my purse or handbag, and honestly it just gives my hands a hug. I have had HEINOUSLY dry hands the past week and a half to the point of large cuts all over and so I have taken to applying and re-applying the cream every hour it seemed. Not because the product didn’t work, but because my hands were that dry. I have really been pleased with Vaseline’s moisturizers lately and in the future will be looking at investing in some of the larger tubs if that is going to really work for me!

My last tip for being comfy, cosy, and safe in the winter? KEEP DRINKING WATER. Your skin, your head, your energy and your mood will thank you because otherwise you will be dehydrated and grumpy. This may be only true for me, but I doubt it. Drink that water guys.

Alright, hope this helps.

xx Jess


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