Favourite Hair Style of 2015!

Okay I get it 2015 has only been going on for two weeks but SERIOUSLY I love this hairstyle. I haven’t worn it enough if you ask me, I wore it for the day of New Year’s Eve and then a few scattered days afterwards but had a hard time wearing it out due to winter hats, as wonderful as the hats are they are hard to wear any cool braided things on the top of your head because the hat will smush it all and pull it out, so once it warms up a smidge I’ll be able to wear this out of my house and into the wild! But here is @FleurDeForce’s tutorial video because she explains it a lot better than I do.

photo 4 (1)

The Messy Side Braid:

Now, what I love about this braid is that it includes your bangs. There is nothing more frustrating than getting through a beauty French braid and having your silly bangs just…sitting there? I don’t know. For a show I did last year we had to pin and hairspray my bangs back after braiding my hair because they were a nuisance, and this hairstyle really defeats that by including your bangs in the braid. I think its perfect for when you are (like me) training your greasy hair to only be washed every other day (the woes of a greasy-haired girl) and it also looks super cute. I anticipate the braid to be big this Spring/Summer when it comes to TV shows, magazines and fashions in general. I am also hoping for midi skirts and visors to come back, so…here’s hopin’!

photo 1

When it doubt with braids my best advice is to just GO FOR IT! I hate braiding my own hair because I always think it looks a bit sloppy, but if I’m honest it always looks better than I think. This hairstyle is cute, cosy, and once tuque season ends will be perfect for going out or staying in!

Happy Braiding!

photo 3

xx Jess


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