Out of Sorts

I’m just going to say it ’cause I can’t figure out what else to write. I’ve been out of my own self this week, just not feeling like usual, not feeling comfortable, and needing a little bit of a revamp. I thought that would’ve come from last weekend but it seems as though it didn’t. I’m hoping to get a good relax in this weekend, take myself out of my roomm and head, and for the next two mornings work further on my morning routine so that I feel not only energized but prepared to not feel judgement throughout the day (a big thing for me this week). I worry too much, and that’s a bad thing, but it’s a thing that happens, so I deal with it, like everyone deals with the little things in life that bother us or make us..us.

So, I hope you’ve had a lovely week and that your weekend looks bright and good. I’ll be back Sunday or Monday with a new outlook on the month and a bit more oomf for my writing!


xx Jess


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