Her Infinite Voice

Hi Friends and happy Monday morning to you all! What a weird year to be alive, eh? I looked on Buzzfeed this morning and there was an article about #meninist t-shirts being worn and getting “strange negative feedback” all over the internet. Strange? Really? I mean, I’m not well-versed in the movement, but if men are feeling uh, left out from the journey to equality they uh, kinda know how us women have felt for hundreds of years (or since the beginning of time, look at the bible, saying that God couldn’t create Eve without the rib from Adam, alhtough I look at that as an homage to how powerful women are that even God needed to muster more strength to create such a powerful creation as woman!) and how even when we go to job interviews or a restaurant, being treated differently is just the norm here.

So what am I supposed to do about this? I’m a feminist with a voice, right? I am a sister, and a daughter, a girlfriend and a best friend, I am a good friend I would say, and I am a decent, strong feminist, so what do I do about all of this? I would say I need to take some kind of action.

So I woke up this morning and put on my Batman T-shirt (because I haven’t yet publicly announced my female blind superhero who saves lives by ESP and magic, but I guess that just happened, anyone willing to design me a logo and make me a tshirt???) and be my own Superhero today. The thing about life is that we are our own superhero, there is no Knight in Shining Armour waiting to rescue you from a tower, or a Spiderman swinging along the Golden Gate Bridge waiting to catch you as you are falling (I know nothing of Spiderman lore at all please forgive me). YOU are responsible for putting on your Superhero tshirt and dragging yourself out of bed and into the world.

So when it comes to feminism and upholding an equal for all life, I suggest taking a look at the things that you may see as inequal in your own personal atmosphere of being. Do you treat others with respect regardless of their choices (unless they are harmful to themselves or others) and give everyone a fair shot at acceptance? Do you have an open mind for difference, change, and newness? Do you love fully and honestly? If not, well, try that. If so, why are we squawking? Not to say that feminist and equality action is not needed, by all means, if you are involved in legistlature or a school government STAND UP SAY SOMETHING! But, if you are like me, an average Jo Self-Saving-Superhero holding your own hand and not really a voice for anything, keep talking to those around you.

Even a small change can amount to great things.

I will never single handedly improve poverty, situation for disabled people, or feminism on a grand scale, even though that hurts me and even though it is awful to think that. I have the ability to make small changes that impact the world around me in positive ways for those things, I can change one life, or contribute to changing many. I can be positive and strong for myself and my close loved ones and others that I care about. I can say something when something is not right and it will make a change, even if that means saying something to a best friend about the way they spoke to me, a change will happen.

You may be a small piece to a huge universal puzzle, but the pieces around you can appreciate the effort you do make in your corner of the board.

Lots of love,

xx Jess


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