Does anyone else find celebrating your own birthday a bit…intimidating? I feel like there should be a guidebook written somewhere about how to be gracious and grateful for the celebrating that goes on during your birthday. Our family has a whirlwind month of Christmas and Birthdays starting December 21 and ends tomorrow, with good old me. Toda is my brother’s birthday, he won’t read this but Happy Birthday Kyle can’t believe you’re fourteen. He’s not allowed to get any older now.

So tomorrow I wake up…different? I don’t think I will feel it much, if anything I am going to just do the same thing I do most saturdays. Drink coffee and watch football with my dad, drink coffee elsewhere, eat food on a binge, with the addition of cake. I love cake, I couldn’t eat it all of the time but when the opportunity presents itself I do delve into some cake.

But how do I really feel about growing a year older tomorrow? Obviously I’m not waking up tomorrow and the entire year of aging/growing wiser happens overnight or anything there won’t be much of a change, but if anything I am just going to be quite introverted and sheepish all day.


The last bit will be celebrated: I am alive. How friggen amazing life is, and that’s what I think I’m going to celebrate tomorrow.

January is such a stupid month to be born in too because dressing cosy and cute and fun is so lame because I can’t wear any of the dresses that I want and always have to wear a coat and boots. Ugh, winter ruins a lot of things.

It isn’t a felony to enjoy being alive, it isn’t a bad thing, and so that’s what I’ll be cheersing to for the weekend. Cheers to you, for living your life, for reading, for smiling, for branching out, for taking a deep breath instead of a shallow one.

And cheers to me, for making it to 23, and for the first year in a lot of years not worrying about getting older but loving what life has in store for me. I trust life, it knows what I need.

xx Jess


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