The Beach

Hi friends! I was really wanting to post a fashion post today about going to the beach style…but…it’s January…and no one is going to the beach anywhere near me, unless they are leaving on holiday in whcih case get off my blog and go be awesome somewhere else I am too jealous of that…So…I’ll keep that post for a while and just post a nice, beautiful picture from when I was on a beach in Dover, England, and wish that I was there.


When I was younger we went to the beach for weeks on end in the summer, ever since my brother was born (fourteen years ago TOMORROW!) we have been to Sauble beach each summer, and spending the time there was amazing. I learned to ride amazing bikes fast, had my first real job other than babysitting, wrote, spent summers in cars with boys, but eventually the luster wore off. After starting university it got harder to justify going to the beach for weeks or even weekends, and when I did go it was with my family and we didn’t have internet, so it just seemed a bit strained. Then I started having full time jobs in the summer, and the weekends became sparse and if I’m honest the beach was a hassle.

Last summer I longed for the beach. I longed for the sun and the little town. I think longing for it made it easier and more enjoyable to return to. Now, after realising that the internet is not everything and loving to spend time with my family and liking to go mini golfing and sitting on patios for alcoholic beverages in the afternoon, the beach has become a luxury and one of the best things to do.

Don’t get me wrong, the love has always been there, just now I love it more intensly because I know it won’t always be there.

I’ve always been drawn to large amounts of water. When I first swam in the ocean in Costa Rica the sand was so hot but the water was…amazing. My first real swim was snorkelling and cutting my knees and seeing fish and ACTUALLY SEEING them, and laughing so hard and being stung by small jellyfish and crying from exhaustion and then zooming off afterwards into the sunset on a catamaran watching dolpihins beside us jump after the sun. My first ocean experience was a luxury, but salt water swimming isn’t for me. The fresh water great lakes are where it is at.

But being near the water? That’s another story.

Dover, Brighton, Scotland, all of the places in Europe that we went to that had the ocean nearby were intoxicating. Sitting beside the water with a pint after a long day on the pier in Brighton, resting after walking up and down a large hill to the oldest castle in England in Dover, and freezing our asses off beside the ocean in Scotland late at night were just irreplaceable experiences. I love the water, I am a water baby…and it is amazing.

My favourite days at the beach are when there is nothing else to be done. No dinner to go home to, and you can lounge around down to the water late morning, eat french fries, sit in a big sun hat, get ice cream, swim in large waves and dry off in the warm sun. Walk down with your shoes in one hand and your friend’s hand in the other to the main strip to get beers and pizza, walking home with milkshakes (nothing about the beach is healthy when I go) and sleeping late into the next morning to do it again. The lifestyle of the beach is in itself intoxicating in a different way than the times in Europe.

But being near the water is such a neat experience it is so hard to not want to go. If I have the opportunity this summer I will be there in a flash.

xx Jess


2 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Learned to drive REAL fast at Sauble. A very cold weekend.
    No one on the beach.
    I was 8.
    My Dad rode the breaks,… just in case.
    Grandma was sitting in the back.
    … Like the bloody wind.


    1. Ab there are some stories that you tell me that I know MUST be true because they are so brilliantly YOU! LOVE IT!! I think I should get behind a car one night at the beach and drive real slow!!!! 🙂 xx Jess


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