Dried Flowers

I’ve always found the idea of opening up a book I borrowed from a friend or a grandmother and finding beautiful daisies dried and folded neatly between the pages so romantic. Is there something ideological about flowers that is intrinzically so romantic? When my boyfriend brings me flowers to put on my desk I am more inclined to be up for sitting through a long, action-filled or bro-joke film than beforehand (hint?). My experience with flowers extends to my acting days and exiting the stage to find my parents holding a bouqet of flowers and praise. Ah, so romantic, romantic in the way of the ease of expressing emotion through nature.

And the English major enters.

Here’s a flower I’ve been drying from my last bouqet from my boyfriend Martin who keeps wanting to be mentioned. MARTIN FLOWERS YAY THANKS. Okay, here it is:


And it’s been there for a few weeks now, waiting to be placed, but I’m having a hard time figuring where to put it. It is a huge head of a flower and too big to place in a novel to give to someone (although, if you are low on cash and a hoarder of books, this would be a sweet christmas gift idea, buying books and places flower petals in there, this is a wee late for christmas now but valentines day, eh? Topical. Alright.) but what do I do with these?

Here’s a box with Christmas colours and a stocking:


It is full of dried flowers from probably the last eight years, everything from semi-formals, post-theatre shows, prom, graduations, boyfriends, and the like.


What can I say? I love beautiful flowers. What can I say about the cliche of giving someone flowers? That it is romance, it is a natural progression of human nature to express ourselves by manipulating the world around us. It is almost valentines day (kind of) or at least it is coming up, so I will be writing out a few topical tidbits in the next few weeks.

I’ve got a DIY Valentine’s gifty appropriate for everyone from your lova to your grandma, as well as maaaaybe some makeup (the theme is red and pink after all, and I am the Queen of bold lipstick) and maybe some date ideas that are affordable, adorable, and awesome!


And to all you romantics who dry and press your flowers (sort of) like me, then I hope that this Valentines day brings you new flowers to fold, hang upside down, cut, admire and indulge in. And that everyone has a lovely evening.

I’m off to watch Friends with my brother (we’ve already watched them all on DVD but since Netflix got it its revolutionised binging) and then cuddle up with a book.

xx Jess


2 thoughts on “Dried Flowers

  1. Lovely Post 🙂 I read a book last summer called “The Language of Flowers” that I think you would throughly enjoy. Its about a young orphan girl who develops a talent for expressing her emotions, and the emotions of her customers, through combining flower with different meaning (Love, Betrayl, Loyalty etc.).
    I will led it to you!


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