Travel Make up Bag?


I don’t usually share much about my makeup collection because I don’t exactly have a great taste for makeup, but after making tons of weekend trips and party trips lately I thought I’d share what makeup I would bring while travelling for a casual weekend away to the big city or out with some girlfriends. Here’s what I’d take with me…


NAKED by Urban Decay Palette
Eyelash Curlers
Better Than Sex Mascara
Small Hand Cream (vintage, from @ASOS)
Bourjois Paris Blush in Pink
Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse Concealler (in desperate need of new one)
Benefit Gel Eyeliner
Mayeblline Eyeliner in White
MAC lipstick in DIVA
Wide, blush/blending Brush
L’Oreal Under Eye Concealler/Highlighter


There is a 99% chance I use most of these products wrong, and I don’t care. I do my makeup the way I like to do it, and if thats the way everyone else does it then that’s wonderful, and if its just the way I like it then better! Makeup is there to make YOU feel confident, so do what YOU want with it!

xx Jess


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