Being Balanced

What does this mean to you?

I truly am curious, because it means a few things to me. On one hand, it means staying afloat amongst the various things going on inside of my head. This is to say, mentally, being balanced inside of my own head that with eventually translate to outside of my head, physically balanced, and so forth. Sometimes being balanced means spending two hours reading a book instead of binge-watching Full house on Netflix for two hours, or writing a script for two hours instead of reading one for two, you see? The balance struggle is real when there are so many things on our plates.

I wrote a blog post probably a year ago about how many things we have to think about in our lives. I thought about this a lot when I was in highschool, having to have a great social life and seeing my friends, but also having time to spend time with my family and also watching tv shows and movies and getting great grades and volunteering and participating in extra curriculars and still having time to develop a personality, music taste and learning to dance. Then there’s making money, on top of all of that social/school/you time, and then being environmentally friendly but also staying up to watch the OC and being fit but also being able to go out for Wendy’s whenever someone wanted to at lunch. Having a good balance between guy and gal friends (a big struggle that I only mastered this very moment and beyond) but also, again, seeing my family and forming relationships with cousins and my mom and all of that.

And then there is the balance of having a worldly-involved life, caring about the world as a whole, and then making a difference at home. Travelling and seeing the world but loving our Canadian heritage.

There is just too much to balance, and I don’t know how to juggle, unfortunately.

So what are my tips to being balanced you might ask?

First, write a short (maybe five-items) list of the things that without a doubt matter to you. No questions, what makes you tick what is essential?

And then take those things and prioritize them. If your family and friends land in the same value, then make that a thing, there are no rules to priotitize your life only make sure you’re comfortable with it. That’s it.
Then make a short list of the things that you would LIKE to be good at/care about. For me that includes reading the newspaper and being more informed about the world around me and outside of my community but also being environmentally friendly. And being healthy–NOT FIT–but healthy. These things are on my horizon for being important and prioritized, these are called GOALS, and having GOALS is a part of being balanced, they are something to work towards.

So now that you know what’s important to you and what you want to do, that in itself is a balance, and the thing that I have to remind myself constantly is that being balanced is a state of being that comes and goes, and it shouldn’t be a “destination” or something to STAY at. Its kind of like my idea of happiness, it comes and goes, and its awesome, so its always good to aim for it, but not to get down when we don’t always get there right away.

Balance and Happiness are in your reach.

So, stay positive, give yourself space, time, and a break. These are things that I am still learning, and obviously no one is perfect and no one is ever CONSTANTLY balanced, even the Dalai Llama has off days, off weeks, that is human nature, but the point is that we are always moving forwards and that is the best way I can explain how to strive for balance: keep moving.

I hope this all makes sense, if I’m honest it all is a bit of a blur, and if balance isn’t your thing then close our eyes and enjoy the ride. For the rest of you (or anyone) let me know how you strive for balance in your own life.

xx Jess


Emma Stone’s OSCARS Dress

 I don’t talk about it much but I really find Emma Stone intriguing. Not really great looking, not really extremely talented, but something about her makes me want to keep watching her films. Easy A was great, Crazy Stupid Love, amazing, Birdman she was good, she’s been in a lot more and she’s been fine in those too, and sometimes I think that audences are too hard on celebrities for not being perfect, so what I’ve decided about Emma Stone is that I appreciate her not always being perfect, but always looking and acting like she is doing her best, and that’s cool for me.


And I’ve decided that her dress was my favourite from the Oscaors this past Sunday.  Last year my favourite dress was Amy Adams, and for some reason her gown really got me.  I’m not much of a close-to-your-butt girl, I’d rather a long flowy gown for any occasion, but there was something about the cut at the top and the lack of sparkle, the lack of light-colour-traditional, and probably because I love Amy Adams, that made her dress stand out.  So it may come as a shock comparing it to my fave dress this year–the draped, sparkling, golden gown of Emma Stone.


I think my favourite part of Emma Stone’s dress this year was the back, and finding a good picture of it was difficult so I could only find the following image where Jennifer Aniston ran over to give her a big hug.  I think the coolest part of the Oscars sometimes is to see who snubs who, who cares to give eachother hugs, and who gives who support in their own circles and communities of Celebrity.


Shout out to her hair and makeup as well, Ms. Stone is known for her bold lips but man with the beautiful side-do combo it just blew me away.  I think I was googling pictures of it well into the hours after the Oscars had finished.


Over all the general texture of the dress was beautiful and that lady kept smiling all night, and that is what matters.  She sparkled and will continue to (with that Best Picture win for Birdman) and that’s cool with me.

Who was your favourite at the Oscars Red Carpet?  Shout out to Anna Kendrick’s DRESS which made my jaw drop, she would’ve been my fave if she had gone with the pants suit, next time!

xx Jess

The Power of Small Inspiration

I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night (yes I am a year behind on my Oscars movies its fine) and I don’t have much to say other than its the best Ben Stiller movie I’ve ever seen. It has made me want to write and travel and hug the people that I love.

It has also made me want to share this clip, which (context) is where he (Ben Stiller) is convincing himself to jump onto a helicopter in Greenland with a drunk pilot and the girl he likes (Kristen Wiig) sings him a Bowie song. Are we surprised why I loved the film?

I think there is something to be said about the delicate nature of thinking about things that matter to us. Would we rather work alone or with others? Would we rather work for money or for our dreams? Are we all condemned to constantly think about work, where do I fit in, and the inevitable doom of where we want to go bersus what we have the means to do? Why can’t we all just appreciate? Why is there such a high price on living a life that is full and qualitative? Why is there such a high price on seeing the world and appreciating it while being inside of it and loving fully?

I am so grateful to have travelled as much as I have, to have seen volcanoes steaming, tornadoes twisting, oceans raging and calm, wind in the city at midnight and nature at its peak in the daylight. I feel like some kind of modern day travelling Sailor Moon with this theme-song-esque rambling, but the thing is that there is nothing like sitting in a cafe in Dublin reading Fitzgerald drinking coffee and eating scones, after spending the day crying all over the city on a literature tour you lead by yourself as a foreigner, meeting up with a friend later for stew and then sleeping in cold but comfortable beds before heading back to your home in London in the morning. There is nothing like the feeling of glancing up from your book and being mistaken as someone who lives there, and smiling so proudly, because man, do I sound Canadian in Dublin I tell you.

I think the thing is about this film and my thoughts right now is that I am quite frankly at the cusp of something huge. I can feel it, you know the feeling? Like something huge is going to happen if only the rest of the world would wake up and catch up with your heart? It is the kind of feeling like something’s about to click into place, maybe not without struggle, but something’s about to fall and I want to catch it and put it quickly into my pocket.

And hopefully its some kind of ticket abroad, although I doubt it.

I’m going to do things, and the thing is that has inspired me is…that I shouldn’t say I am “going” to do things. I want to be DOING things now, and so I am. I am doing things. No longer am I saying to people that I’m doing nothing exciting, or nothing at all, I am doing something, I’m taking my protein pills and putting my helmet on.

I hope you can step through your own door,

xx Jess

In the Deep Mid-Winter Haul

I have been known to spend a pretty penny on a few items on various occasions, one could say that I enjoy to indulge in various splendours, like clothing and make up, but lately I’ve been feeling a pinch (obviously, considering lack of employment) but also because I don’t really need anything. I need notebooks, to which I have yet to buy much of, and I need oatmeal, but that’s about all I need right now, and so buying things has become relatively obsolete since before Christmas. This week has brought some new finds however, and as I spent Thursday in a small but warm and cosy shopping mall I decided to spend a little on myself and not worry about it.


Here’s what I found.


Zara Jeans. $11.00
Was that a double take I sensed? Yes, I was shopping through Zara, and yes I picked up a pair of jeans, but in the sale section. Tey fit me perfectly, they are comfortable and not super tihgt, I do not wear jeans very often but when I do I want them to be comfortable and these do the trick. Happy to now own something fancy but also cosy, just the way I like it.

IMG_20150220_112644  IMG_20150220_112433

Forever 21 Dress and Make Up Bag, $30.00 ish
This Forever 21 was bigger and more variety than the one near my house, and so we spent a good amount of time inside it. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but have been wanting a white-lace dress or skirt of some kind, and so this fit the bill. I love it, and there is a dip in the back which is the best kind of dip. The makeup bag was not essential but fun, and it came at the end of the shopping time awhile at the checkout to which I am a big sucker for, so it kind of had to happen.


IKEA Candles & Holder $8.00
They smell like fresh green apples, the holder holds all kinds of sizes, I think this is sort of a given.

IMG_20150219_160537 (1)

These are the things that came home with me, but while shopping I noticed that my Tiffany dog tag which was given to me in a special way by my parents for my highschool graduation nearly five years ago had fallen from my neck somewhere along my trying ons and walking. I searched everywhere all over the mall with a lovely and patient friend to eventually find it hanging down my back from my bra strap. Thank heavens, man, was that a scare, shopping is always eventful.

We also went to IKEA for lunch, meatballs and mashed potatoes, I don’t think it gets any better.

What have I learned from all of this? That it is important to appreciate yourself and friends once in a while, and do something for yourself. Take a little time, work a little retail magic, and make yourself smile, because alot of the time we skip over that. Also always wear your necklaces the prpoper way, don’t get creative with that stuff, its too expensive to haev falling around on an escalator or something.

I hope you’re having a lovely day, and I will see you on the flipside laterrr.

xx Jess

Time for a Change?

I feel like most of my blog post titles have been questions lately.

I have been toying with the idea of working a bit more… On my blog in the very near future. I have been toying with getting a new and updated theme, dedicating a bit more time to it and being a bit more professional. I think the past few months have been much more “normal” blog behaviour from me, posting every few days a week and posting to facebook and getting RT’s and things, but for the most part I still allow myself the ability to prety much write about whatever I want.

This is my hobby.

So I want it to be fun, but I also find it super fun to plan ahead, do DIY’s, and have lists and recommendations and reviews of beauty products. I think I may at the very least have two days a week that are pre-planned, “professional” blog posts, that are thought out before hand and worked through and have good links and maybe review local products and things, but I don’t want to just write for that, I want to keep up this blog for me and the people that I know read and love it.

I’ve never really been concerned with having a readership, but only that the readership that exists appreciates what I am saying.

So is the change worth it? I’m not a DIY or Beauty blog but I like writing about those things, I like recommending books and prodcuts to you, or tips on how to pick yourself up when you’re down.

I feel like this post has been such a throw away post.

I also want to incorporate more photos into my blogs, but I suck at photos. I’m going to work on this next week, so stay tuned! It may look a bit different after tomorrow (Friday) too if I get done what I want to get done. I have this thing about constantly changing, I think its good for me, but sometimes I think I need to stick with something long enough to appreciate it, ya know?

No? I don’t really either.

I’m going to go and read Jane Eyre and get ready to go out drinking (holla! Never been one to listen to some pump up music its always been an audiobook for class, this however isn’t for class and just for my own benefit, because everyone says its the best book around!) but I wish you all a lovely evening, day, life, and a happy year!

xx Jess

I’ve Recently Realized..

I love cities during the night time. I don’t have many pictures of them, like Rome at night, with the lights and the quiet streets (ha, quiet, as if in Rome…) or on the way home from a pub in London, the tall buildings with small lit windows up and down. Montreal’s loud and bright streets on a Saturday night, or the quiet, only-lit-by-windows streets on the way to the tea shop for nutella croissants. Peru’s unbelievable, silent but thunder cavern of Kuscos, four am, soaking wet, lightening in the distance but the entire city golden from a hue of light in the centre, and the hills surrounding covered in small pin-pricked window-lit homes, houses, with meditations, early risers, young children presumeably up to see the amazing sight below. It seems as thugh frequent inhabitants of cities take for granted the graceful beauty of a city lit at night.

I was leaving Toronto last week after a show and it was night and I looked up at the passing buildings and just need to be there, you know? Were I live now there aren’t any surroundings that come close to the beautiful adrenaline of being surrounded by hustle and bustle of a lively city. Its a breathlessness that strengthens you in some way. It is comforting to know that the light is there despite the quiet of night.

Maybe this is all some kind of silly, absent-minded realization of the rest of the world, but for me something awakens in the brightness of a city in the dark, and that something awakens in me everytime I am inside of such an intoxicating vicinity. Have I mentioned that I miss being a tourist? Mainly London. I miss the city.

xx Jess

Couples Yoga

Martin has requested more posts including him in it and from our morning I thought I would share the experience. You may or may not know that I do the yoga thing multiple times a week, and so as Martin was preparing to leave this morning I popped into my yoga clothes getting ready for my practice and he mentioned that he’d like to do a bit with me.

We decided on doing the pigeon and front-laying practices and after setting up two bright pink yoga mats and the computer between the two of us Martin spent a good forty minutes telling me things like “I can’t do this,” “I don’t bend this way,” “why are they trying to kill me,” “I can’t breathe,” “I can’t touch my toes so I’ll touch your shoulder instead,” and a variety of other choise one-liners that describe just how much he did not understand yoga being a workout.

“I thought this was supposed to be relaxing,” he would say, between moments of laughter which is to say we did not have a quiet practice but chatted the whole way through and laughed, which, if I’m honest,is such an enjoyable breath into an otherwise individualised yoga routine.

I think my favourite part of today was trying to get things together…together. Trying to work on the right side of the body to the video, trying not to hit eachother and walls, getting through poses with laughing, and it was just one of those perfect relationship experiences where I definitely could have been getting frustrated with his lack of focus, but even getting him on a mat at all is a feat for me, and he volunteered.

I hope everyone had a weekend full of sharing love and spending time with their loved ones both romantically and otherwise. It is never too late to tell someone you love them, so send a text or give a phone call if you missed the day, and never forget to do something out of your comfort range for someone you love.

xx Jess