The Big List

I have been thinking about this so much lately and I have decided that I wanted to actually write it down to always have with me to reference, to check off, and to be proud of. These are reasonable, realistic goals. Some people write their Bucket Lists and just completely shoot them out of the park ie Visit every country in the world, run a 10k (if you’re like me and not a runner), or something so outrageous that is so unattainable. A good twitter friend of mine Anna @boatsandcurrent made a video called her 30 Before 30, which were attainable and awesome and here’s the video because it inspired me to write this post!

Jessica Deeanne’s Bucket List as of February 1, 2015
-Run a marathon in either NYC or London or BOTH of any length & in no limit of how long ‘till this
-Walk across a volcano
-See the Northern Lights
-Be Published in some capacity
-Climb a mountain (either on a horse or with my own hands, Kilimanjaro would be cool or in the Scottish Highlands)
-Stand in two oceans at once in Scandinavia
-Do any or all of the Lord of the Rings-based travelling adventures in New Zealand
-Pay it Forward in a big way when I can
-Go to the Olympics once
-Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s in NYC
-Visit Disney Paris, Thorpe Park, and the Edinborough Theatre Festival
-Go to a major summer music festival
-Visit Istanbul and buy a rug from a market
-Go to every Province in Canada
-Buy a kitchen table that is my own
-Own a claw-foot tub (or at the very least use one at some point)
-Learn to make GOOD coffee
-Fly first class whenever possible if possible
-Honestly finish a notebook (Honestly, meaning without ripping out any pages)
-Start and commit to a vlog channel
-Own a dog and learn to love dogs…
-be a mother
-Get my yoga certification
-Have a business wardrobe from Zara, Banana Republic and other “grown up” establishments
-Have a theatre subscription to any of the theatre in Ontario

xx Jess

Anna did thirty but I got 25, I think that’s a good start… We shall see, anyway, I encourage everyone to think about the things that they want to do with their lives, not necessarily writing them down and be disappointed if they do not happen, but always having something to reach for, strive for, a goal, a dream, that’s important to keep moving forward.


2 thoughts on “The Big List

  1. I love reading these kind of posts I find it really interesting finding out what others want to achieve and spotting things that are on my list and getting inspiration for things that should maybe be on my list. I hope you achieve all or at least some of the things on your list 🙂

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    1. Thank you Laura! I feel the same, I love to hear everyone and anyone’s list, to get inspired and to send support from anywhere around the world!! I hope your list is plentiful and you achieve all of your goals! xx Jess


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