50 Shades of Make Up

Hello friends and happy Monday!

I was flipping through People Magazine the other day waiting for chilli at the SuperBowl (so, last night, obviously, I also wasn’t physically at the Super Bowl okay you don’t care carrying on) and within the first few pages of adverts (my favourite part of any magazine) I saw this…

I took this myself, this, this is my hand and my kitchen counter.

I was intrigued, because as much as I dislike Fifty Shades I use it as a joke nonstop in my life, I do like makeup, and the idea that makeup can be whatever we want it to be, so basing it off of such a well-anticipated film is intriguing. They have WICKED palettes, and various celebrities like Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne at Sephora, but…Fifty Shades of Grey? I understand why but…really?

This photo and the rest of the photos through this post are from Sephora.com

I flipped through the pages, and if I’m honest it just looks like the Make Up Forever brand is piggybacking on the popularity that this movie is going to achieve, again, it makes sense, but I won’t be spending my money on any of it from the looks of it.


Maybe I am just picky/biased/don’t care enough but I tend to buy neutral palettes with one or two special colours, so when it comes to products like palettes or brushes I’d rather not spend moremoney on specialty ones, but were we expecting me to go out and make a special purchase for these? Really?

I am writing this in the serious-est tone I can, because inside i am DYING OF LAUGHTER.

I want an Alphaba palette before I want a…Anastasia? Is that her name? I never read the 50 Shades books.

The only product I would look at getting is the lipsticks and that’s just because I have a serious lipstick-buying problem, self contorl activate.


And the only thing I could, in all seriousness, think of buying ANY of my friends would be the nail polishes, because they are OPI which are my favourite and are named THE BEST THINGS IN THE ENTIRE PLANET.


I could be just blind but it looks like there aren’t fifty different shades of grey in that pack, maybe they should’ve specified…I do like a good grey nail polish, but I don’t think I could apply “Embrace the Gray” on my nails without crying tears of joyous, strange laughter.

I hope that if you are into Fifty Shades that you look into the Sephora makeup collection because there’s nothing like using makeup that was inspired by the film and book, and the relationship…? Is it a relationship? I think, being from Sephora, Make Up Forever, and OPI the products will be decent quality, vibrant, sexy, and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re into that sort of thing.

And if you’re like me, a twenty-something a bit confused by the obsession, just going into Sephora and watching the confused women searching through that labyrinth of a store for the products will be enough joy for us.

Lots of love!

xx Jess


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