The Challenge

I have decided to try a little…experiment, for next week. I wrote a post a little while ago talking about Compartmentalization which I am not sure is a real world or if I just use that to describe myself all the time, but basically I plan my entire days, even when I am not working or at school, hourly, with “appointments” and the like so that I always know what is going on. I have decided to challenge myself, starting this Sunday, not to write a list for the entire week.

I will make a short log on paper of the work hours I contribute, and use my calendar to remember the times of things I do have to go to, but I am going to ATTEMPT to not schedule my days. At all.

This, my friends, is terrifying.

I have been experiencing anxiety just thinking about doing this let alone stopping my schedule just for this week at Saturday. My brain will continue to run in the, 9am wake up, 10-11 workout and shower timetable, but I will not have a reference for next week. Probably by this time next week I will be ready to curl up under my desk again, at least that is what I forsee, who knows, this may be revolutionary.

If it goes well, after next week I will dial down the scheduling, but if next week is terrible and so hard to deal with I am not sure if it is going to be something I ca do at all. I can’t just have no day plans, no structure, because without structure for me I go crazy.

But, a little..spontaneity is needed, I guess, for the balance of life to proceed…or whatever.

So, if you want to join me on my quest I’ll try to update every post I write with how I am feeling about it (if I even remember I have a blog without a scheduled twenty to a half hour each day to write it!). You can thank Martin for this, since apparently my military-drill 24-hour-clock schedule has been driving him crazy. I refuse to apologise, but this is to appease you. And maybe slowly teach me how to be less of a pain in the ass when it comes to structure.

Goodbye lists, but not until Sunday February 8.

xx Jess


3 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. I’m actually doing the opposite. I’m normally a go-with-the-flow kind of gal but this week I’m going to be scheduling out my whole week. Even the times my boyfriend will be working.


    1. Wow! Jocelynn, you’ll have to keep me posted on how that goes for you and how you like it! We’re doing a life swap! I usually schedule every moment of my life, so this will be a new experience for both of us! xx Jess

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