Backpacking Contents

Why hello there friends, happy Friday! What a silly but great but terrifble week it has been. Without getting too personal the only highlight/good thing this week was my day in Toronto which ended with seeing Fleetwood Mac at the ACC. I brought a leather backpack that my parents loaned to me for the trip and I thought I would share what I brought with me as essentials on my day trip!

Here’s the bag:


I’ve never used this myself but my dad has taken it to concerts and while at Disneyworld, but I found that this backpack was fabulous, a perfect size, fit everything I needed it to and during concert time it shoved nicely under my seat and held everything that I needed. Here’s what I took with me:


My own map of downtown Toronto my dad enlarged for me
Greyhound tickets that are not really showed here
A light, comfortable sweater, because HOLY it was freezing Tuesday
Pink notebook and not-bleed-through marker
My house keys for uh no reason didn’t need them
Handful of makeup: l’oreal concealer, NARS Red Lizard, Cruella De Ville Lip Liner,
Original Vaseline, Vaseline Intensive Care
Change purse full of change…and perfume/makeup
Ipod Touch and Ipod Classic (for music and audiobooks respectively)

This kind of stuff is all important for travelling for me, but most of it went unused most of the day. I thought this would be an interesting look into what is essential for me.

I really only opened my backpack while in a restaurant, to use the makeup or hand creams really, or to snuggle into the comfortable sweater, which came on and off over and over and over.


I also bought a few things while there, small things, so I thought I’d share. I don’t have pictures of them but yea I got two headbands from Forever 21, and two cards from Urban Outfitters, and the beautiful amazing Ocean Scrub from LUSH which has changed my exfoliating game for the rest of my life. They all sat at the bottom of my bag for the concert and made it home alive, as did I.

Hope this was somewhat interesting, meh, if I’m honest I have some cool posts coming next week for Valentine’s Day and stuff, but for today this is whatcha gettin!

xx Jess


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