I’ve been looking for a project to devote some time to to occupy the rest of my funemployment period of non academic work period post-graduation but pre-rest of my life. I’ve wanted to work on something creative, but after numerous stops and starts with a few web series, nanowrimo and a few plays (plays that will continue to be worked on but that are in serious pre stages of work, like, thought-processes you know what you don’t care) but I thought I would get back to my roots, where I began my writing.

Well, on the internet anyway.

And that is fanfiction. A few good gal pals discovered last summer that I used to write some saucy fanfics and demanded me show them, but I don’t think they will ever surface again. What will surface is some kind of fanfiction in the near future, ebcause I’m excited to write it again.

What genre, or for what book series you may ask (in my opinion the best fanfiction is based off of books, although dr who fanfics are amazing if you’re interested) well, that’s a great question, I think I’m going to return to my roots there as well, with Harry Potter.

Not sure what, or who or when, but that is going to happen. Why should you care? Because sometimes its important to return to things that used to make you feel alive (HAHA….fanfiction used to make me feel alive…oh dear god) in order to invigorate your current status. In order to restart your system. Or in my case get me writing again in any capacity.

I used to sit during my two-weeks off of school for my surgery and write for hours and hour, writing myself into stories, writing new worlds, and interacting with so many people around the world online. If I’m honest I don’t think I’ll be heading back into the interaction side o my writing, but I have decided to start something new from my own head and write it for me.

I may post some here, I may not, who knows.

If anyone is interested in starting some kind of fanfiction or writing share tumblr or forum let me know, I say I wouldn’t want to interact with other people but I am writing this on a public blog, so, I mean, there can’t be that much truth in it, can there?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and if you’re wondering I have heavy anxiety thinking about the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of my non-structured week… I actually have a few appointments and things to do that are unable to change but for the rest of the week I am going to be Flexible Fanny….Yup.

xx Jess


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