Time for a Change?

I feel like most of my blog post titles have been questions lately.

I have been toying with the idea of working a bit more…regimented..ly? On my blog in the very near future. I have been toying with getting a new and updated theme, dedicating a bit more time to it and being a bit more professional. I think the past few months have been much more “normal” blog behaviour from me, posting every few days a week and posting to facebook and getting RT’s and things, but for the most part I still allow myself the ability to prety much write about whatever I want.

This is my hobby.

So I want it to be fun, but I also find it super fun to plan ahead, do DIY’s, and have lists and recommendations and reviews of beauty products. I think I may at the very least have two days a week that are pre-planned, “professional” blog posts, that are thought out before hand and worked through and have good links and maybe review local products and things, but I don’t want to just write for that, I want to keep up this blog for me and the people that I know read and love it.

I’ve never really been concerned with having a readership, but only that the readership that exists appreciates what I am saying.

So is the change worth it? I’m not a DIY or Beauty blog but I like writing about those things, I like recommending books and prodcuts to you, or tips on how to pick yourself up when you’re down.

I feel like this post has been such a throw away post.

I also want to incorporate more photos into my blogs, but I suck at photos. I’m going to work on this next week, so stay tuned! It may look a bit different after tomorrow (Friday) too if I get done what I want to get done. I have this thing about constantly changing, I think its good for me, but sometimes I think I need to stick with something long enough to appreciate it, ya know?

No? I don’t really either.

I’m going to go and read Jane Eyre and get ready to go out drinking (holla! Never been one to listen to some pump up music its always been an audiobook for class, this however isn’t for class and just for my own benefit, because everyone says its the best book around!) but I wish you all a lovely evening, day, life, and a happy year!

xx Jess


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