The Power of Small Inspiration

I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night (yes I am a year behind on my Oscars movies its fine) and I don’t have much to say other than its the best Ben Stiller movie I’ve ever seen. It has made me want to write and travel and hug the people that I love.

It has also made me want to share this clip, which (context) is where he (Ben Stiller) is convincing himself to jump onto a helicopter in Greenland with a drunk pilot and the girl he likes (Kristen Wiig) sings him a Bowie song. Are we surprised why I loved the film?

I think there is something to be said about the delicate nature of thinking about things that matter to us. Would we rather work alone or with others? Would we rather work for money or for our dreams? Are we all condemned to constantly think about work, where do I fit in, and the inevitable doom of where we want to go bersus what we have the means to do? Why can’t we all just appreciate? Why is there such a high price on living a life that is full and qualitative? Why is there such a high price on seeing the world and appreciating it while being inside of it and loving fully?

I am so grateful to have travelled as much as I have, to have seen volcanoes steaming, tornadoes twisting, oceans raging and calm, wind in the city at midnight and nature at its peak in the daylight. I feel like some kind of modern day travelling Sailor Moon with this theme-song-esque rambling, but the thing is that there is nothing like sitting in a cafe in Dublin reading Fitzgerald drinking coffee and eating scones, after spending the day crying all over the city on a literature tour you lead by yourself as a foreigner, meeting up with a friend later for stew and then sleeping in cold but comfortable beds before heading back to your home in London in the morning. There is nothing like the feeling of glancing up from your book and being mistaken as someone who lives there, and smiling so proudly, because man, do I sound Canadian in Dublin I tell you.

I think the thing is about this film and my thoughts right now is that I am quite frankly at the cusp of something huge. I can feel it, you know the feeling? Like something huge is going to happen if only the rest of the world would wake up and catch up with your heart? It is the kind of feeling like something’s about to click into place, maybe not without struggle, but something’s about to fall and I want to catch it and put it quickly into my pocket.

And hopefully its some kind of ticket abroad, although I doubt it.

I’m going to do things, and the thing is that has inspired me is…that I shouldn’t say I am “going” to do things. I want to be DOING things now, and so I am. I am doing things. No longer am I saying to people that I’m doing nothing exciting, or nothing at all, I am doing something, I’m taking my protein pills and putting my helmet on.

I hope you can step through your own door,

xx Jess


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