Being Balanced

What does this mean to you?

I truly am curious, because it means a few things to me. On one hand, it means staying afloat amongst the various things going on inside of my head. This is to say, mentally, being balanced inside of my own head that with eventually translate to outside of my head, physically balanced, and so forth. Sometimes being balanced means spending two hours reading a book instead of binge-watching Full house on Netflix for two hours, or writing a script for two hours instead of reading one for two, you see? The balance struggle is real when there are so many things on our plates.

I wrote a blog post probably a year ago about how many things we have to think about in our lives. I thought about this a lot when I was in highschool, having to have a great social life and seeing my friends, but also having time to spend time with my family and also watching tv shows and movies and getting great grades and volunteering and participating in extra curriculars and still having time to develop a personality, music taste and learning to dance. Then there’s making money, on top of all of that social/school/you time, and then being environmentally friendly but also staying up to watch the OC and being fit but also being able to go out for Wendy’s whenever someone wanted to at lunch. Having a good balance between guy and gal friends (a big struggle that I only mastered this very moment and beyond) but also, again, seeing my family and forming relationships with cousins and my mom and all of that.

And then there is the balance of having a worldly-involved life, caring about the world as a whole, and then making a difference at home. Travelling and seeing the world but loving our Canadian heritage.

There is just too much to balance, and I don’t know how to juggle, unfortunately.

So what are my tips to being balanced you might ask?

First, write a short (maybe five-items) list of the things that without a doubt matter to you. No questions, what makes you tick what is essential?

And then take those things and prioritize them. If your family and friends land in the same value, then make that a thing, there are no rules to priotitize your life only make sure you’re comfortable with it. That’s it.
Then make a short list of the things that you would LIKE to be good at/care about. For me that includes reading the newspaper and being more informed about the world around me and outside of my community but also being environmentally friendly. And being healthy–NOT FIT–but healthy. These things are on my horizon for being important and prioritized, these are called GOALS, and having GOALS is a part of being balanced, they are something to work towards.

So now that you know what’s important to you and what you want to do, that in itself is a balance, and the thing that I have to remind myself constantly is that being balanced is a state of being that comes and goes, and it shouldn’t be a “destination” or something to STAY at. Its kind of like my idea of happiness, it comes and goes, and its awesome, so its always good to aim for it, but not to get down when we don’t always get there right away.

Balance and Happiness are in your reach.

So, stay positive, give yourself space, time, and a break. These are things that I am still learning, and obviously no one is perfect and no one is ever CONSTANTLY balanced, even the Dalai Llama has off days, off weeks, that is human nature, but the point is that we are always moving forwards and that is the best way I can explain how to strive for balance: keep moving.

I hope this all makes sense, if I’m honest it all is a bit of a blur, and if balance isn’t your thing then close our eyes and enjoy the ride. For the rest of you (or anyone) let me know how you strive for balance in your own life.

xx Jess


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