Diary Update

Dear Diary,

If I’m honest this is pre-written and it is the first of the month and I realised that I haen’t posted a Monthly Playlist for the past few months, so maybe I’ll do a large master list sometime in the futurethere’s always the chance that I will forget as usual.

I’ve spent the weekend at a rehearsal for the same play we’ve been working on for a year now, and as it continues I become more excited about it. I love being in theatre, there is nothing better in the world than working with amazing, passionate people. Life is good.

I have been thinking a lot about the Kitwatt, which is a breakfast place on the water in Sauble Beach which is where my family’s summer place is. I’ve only been twice, and the last time was just a wee brunch with my dad last summer. It was beautiful, and fun and so relaxed and pristine on the water. We sat in the shade, and ate home fries and laughed. That is the kind of experience I wish I could have all the time with my bestest friends, but now we are all scattered and its so hard to see everyone all the time like we used to in the height of our relationships. I really hope that someday I can share a moment like that (at the Kitwatt or elsewhere) with all of my good friends and smile and have a lovely time.

I have started two new writing projects the past few weeks and I didn’t have time last week to work on them…so I believe that this week, if given ample scheduled time (I have to or nothing gets done, sorry being spontaneous!) I can get back to writing for hours and loving that. I have also been working on volunteering and creating a new Advocacy group, things that I am passionate about. I am also brainstorming all of the time for fun, engaging and low-maintenence events. This, my friends, is my life.

The last thing to update here is that come the beginning of April, after Easter to be exact, I will be working again. I have been not working now for….a very long time, I don’t want to think about how many months or YEARS that it has been since I have been working at all in an income-capacity… So, needless to say, it is going to be amazing to getting back into a routine, getting back into doing things that I know I am good at and can make a difference doing.

In conclusion? I love creating things. I love passionate people. I am okay with how my life is going, despite the uneasyness, the foggyness, the lack of clarity, it will all be okay.

Hope you all are well,

xx Jess


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