Academic Writing Outside of Academics

I saw the Imitation Game Thursday evening (great film go see that ASAP perfect AMALGOMATION of Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Pirates of the Caribbean ACTING and a fabulous engaging story!) and I came home and wrote a few pages of notes to write an essay on.

You read that right.

I have been out of University for….ten months now? And I have only written blogs and creative things since then, but upon my last semester I started working on a theatre theory about audiences, and while sitting in the film the other evening I was inspired to write a paper, and I am going to when I get a free moment from this rehearsal-whirlwind weekend.

I miss writing essays, I miss researching. I miss defending my opinions and developing arguments. I miss finding supporting documents, quotations, and I miss writing it all out and being proud of it. I only started being proud of my academic writing nearing the end of my third year, but I miss that feeling that it all feels new and unique and original and fun and great and….yeah, I miss it a lot.

So, I may post what the end of that paper looks like when it is done, it’ll be a quick paper obviously, but I am very excited to get it all down. If I don’t post it, well, that’s my own business.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday, and I hope that you find something as inspiring as the Imitation Game was for me-in such a strange way!

xx Jess


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