Dear (Teenage) Me,


Don’t ever lose this, don’t be embarassed by it, embrace your laugh, smile and body, and never forget the feeling of joy on the beach. Share your feelings and keep writing. Fill every notebook, express yourself, and don’t be ashamed of it.

Every weird, awkward, awful, and confusing emotion and situation you are having with boys will all make sense someday, and even if it doesn’t, it all amounts to understanding yourself, so don’t get so upset about every let down that boys give you, everyone’s going to let you down, just don’t let yourself down.

Keep dancing. Dancing was the best thing for your body, you enjoyed it once, and don’t worry about what your body looks like when you dance, a gay man will tell you he wishes you could pretend you two are married while at a club at a cast party in a few years and you will forget you were ever ashamed of your dancing body. Don’t stop dancing.

Be more honest with your friends and family about how you are feeling, and when you don’t (because I know you, you little brat) then don’t worry about going through everything alone. You’ve gone through so many surgeries and losing your eyesight, you’re allowed to be depressed and full of anxiety, just know that you can trust people, with your honest feelings, and that when you do it is beautiful and the most comforting thing in the world.

Eat more french fries and cupcakes, you’re going to start missing the ability to always have energy to work them off. And chips, keep eating those chips. I don’t care, just do it, for me, for my peace of mind.

And last of all, love yourself. Be strong, you have to be, and I know that, but give yourself a break sometimes. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you. Be in love with yourself, laugh lots, and love lots too.

xx Jess

ps. This is a Youtube movement, but I decided to blog about it. Share your #DearMe with me and everyone through the hashtag, this is for women to reflect on their journey and appreciate that journey for what its worth. Lots of love to all.


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