That Time I Cried for Two Hours Straight

mast-downton-s4-series-icon-hiresI thought that I had lost hope on Downton Abbey after Season Four turned out to be extremely disappointing.  I almost did not watch the fifth season, but I am so happy that I did.  Lady Mary is on her game, Lady Edith (although annoyingly) takes her life into her own hands, and it seems that every single character on the show has one secret or another hidden from everyone else.  They develop, they lie to eachother, and they love eachother so much.  The finale (or Christmas special) that aired on PBS Sunday evening was an huor and a half of me crying and being so happy and sad at the same time.  There is a sixth season coming, but it will probably not be as good again.


The one character who blew me away this season was Lord Grantham who is the father and previously closed minded character of the show.  He is dealt with such bullshit this season, with a flirtation outside of his marriage involving his wife, and a bunch of other weird little moments that make him move on into 1924 and into the modern world that is changing around him.  He is a product of his environment, and as his mother the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith)  clearly shows how the timelessness of tradition lasts a lifetime and that being her own independent self against modernity is important to those who care for it, but can embrace it given the right opportunities.  Maggie Smith has come out early this week that the sixth season will be her last at Downton, and if I’m honest it is time.


Even though she is brilliant, majestic, and has the comedic timing of…well, Maggie Smith, her time and reign as head Queen Bitch-Extrordinaire but also Tell-It-How-It-Is-Ambassador for the show is coming to an end.  It is not that it is getting old, but the character herself is getting old, and despite my love for her I am a full believer in someone leaving when it is time for them to leave, and it feels right.


Favourite Moment would have to go to the above photo, Mrs.Padmore being given the rightful memorial of her nephew from Lord Grantham.  That probably makes very little sense out of context, but within the show it is the most heartwarming moment of all time.  The joining of pride, friendship, and loyalty is one of the many reasons that Downton Abbey will remain one of my most favourite shows of all time.

Until next year!

xx Jess


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