(You are welcome MARTIN for finally including something of your in a blog, the above pun is fully credited to him.)

I made a purchase the other day after a long while of looking for the right thing that I needed and it turns out that what I needed was a tea ball with a purple “key-chain-esque” teapot hanging on the end to keep it in the mug. It is beautiful, and its been quite a long time since I had my own loose-leaf tea infuser since my last one broke from use.


Needless to say, it is adorable.

I am sipping at my favourite “Life is Good” mug and drinking “Forever Nuts” tea from David’s Tea, which is by farone of my favourite loose leaf teas and has been since 2011 when it was first given to me as a gift. My favourite teas are ones with nuts or apple in them, and this tea has both!


What can I say? I love tea. I love it any time of the day, during or after any meal, alone or with friends, on the go, sitting watching a film, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t usually take anything in my tea, and I burn my tongue every time as well as spill some of it every time. Without fail, I remain a clutz till thevery end in all situations pertaining to the tea.

This tea infuser came from amazon.ca on a whim purchase so that my order would be free shipping, but I had researched a lot into it and if I’m honest I only need a small tea-ball right now anyway. I’m not brewing large pots of tea, I have no need for a fancy pot or infuser that sits on its own after its done or cleans itself or sings a song or anything like that. I like my tea no fuss, and I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived yesterday, so, beat that.

I would love to know some other great loose-leaf teas from teavana or David’s Tea in order to branch out an use m tea ball for more than just a small handful of Forever Nuts (which needs to be refilled I noticed this morning) and let me know how YOU infuse your tea!

xx Jess


4 thoughts on “Tas-TEA!

  1. I am a tea fanatic like yourself and David’s tea is my go to. Some really great teas I love are Gold Rush, Glitter and Gold, Cream of Earl Grey, Chocolate Rocket, Jumpy Monkey, cold 911 (great for when you’ve got the sniffles) hope that helps! 🙂

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