Special Saturday: On Writing…

I’m not sure about all of the other creative minds out there who sit down at a desk/in a studio/on a stage/in a lab, wherever you do your best work, and aim to get some of that great work done, but I have a hard time just sitting down at my computer, opening up a word document and writing 15 unsolicited pages of pure brilliant creative writing.

Without a deadline that is, haha, its amazing how a looming “This Application is Due on…” can force you to write anything and everything and it will just HAVE to be brilliant.

So, as I was saying, not sure about all you other friends but for me when I sit down and have nothing to write, nothing is flowing freely or coming out right, I tend to turn to other stimulus for a while. This is NOT procrastination in my mind (well it is if its twitter or facebook or down right just donuts or something totally distracting) but if its reading articles, reading a book, watching an inspirational film or going outside and finding things to look at to get my head going then it really is work. I have been referring to this work as “thinking” days, which have been my last week of “writing,” or working on a project, because there has not been a ton of writing going on.

I wrote a really great post the evening after I saw Birdman, or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, because literal moments after finishing those films I sat down and wrote pages on pages of great work for the projects that I’m doing, and if I’m honest I do write a blog post getting excited about that EVERY time that happens, so if you read my blog even semi-regularly you know that that does not happen every day.

I am just loking for new things to inspire me at the moment. As of today I’ve only written one paragraph of stage setting/design for the project that actually does have a deadline that I’m working on, but what this project needs is a serious sit-down post-inspiration/thinking day to get everything solved and out. IT doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to happen.

Does this happen to anyone else? I know some poets can sit down and write a poem a day. I write a blog post every day ish, but that isn’t always creative. Am I alone in this? How does everyone get over the…not quite “writer’s block,” but the inabilit to get out what we actually mean?

Hope you’re all well, I’ve got to get back to my non-procrastinating morning that looks a lot like procrastinating but isn’t, I promise.

xx Jess


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