International Women’s Day

To him she will always be “sometimes” a feminist.

Isn’t that strange? He has to shelter himself from the strange, “dark,” unknown side of feminism in order to see her correctly, to admire her and respect her he must forget sometimes that she, despite being a human being with just as important thoughts and feelings as him, does not recieve equal quality of life in this world.

Don’t yell out of your car window at me telling me how I look today.
Don’t gesture at me while I walk by after a night out, wearing leggings, heels, and a tshirt, after a night out with friends, and say “ah well, not our usual pulls, a bit heavier than we’re used to. GIRL, come sit have a drink with us, we’ll buy you a burger! You’d like that!” and expect me not to flip you off and tell everyone about it now.
Don’t tell me only to be a feminist when it suits you, because being a feminist to me means not letting me, my sister, my mom, my cousin, my best friends, my teachers or any woman I know feel criticized for something as UNCONTROLLABLE as our gender.

And you know what? Being a woman is GREAT. We are fierce, and strong, and fun and fabulous, and hard working loving and caring, and yeah, we have to have one week a month that allows us to bear children, and yeah, sometimes we get cranky, and yeah, it sucks that anyone has to deal with it, but if I get put down for being a bitch because I may be “on my rag” one more time I think I’m going to move to space.

Being a woman IS great, but we have to fight everyday. And not just for ourselves, but for women around the world who don’t have access to education, who don’t know that the life they lead is full of inequality, that they are entitled to basic human rights despite the fact that they weren’t born with a penis.

So, to all you men out their with women in their life who say proudly that they are a feminist, stop getting down on them, ask them how you can help, and stop being scared that they “hate men,” because if they did they wouldn’t want to be around you anyway.

And, to all of my ladies, my women of all shapes, sizes, strenghts, weaknesses, ages, colours, sexualities and the like, you are amazing, keep fighting for you and the women around you, you deserve your life.

xx Jess


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