My ASOS cart is full of knee-high stockings. I visited a thrift shop today and sampled some beautiful skirts (I will be returning next week to purchase). My Doc Martens are taking a little break on the front mat as I can wear heeled boots and not water proofed shoes again. A week ago I was convinced that Spring was miles away, and although it is false hope I am sure that there is only one more bout of winter in us here in Canada before the beautiful time of the year comes around again: Tightless season.

What is this all about you say? Ah dear reader, I live in Canada, where six months a year we have to wear our dresses with tights, sometimes double-lined and thermal, sometimes with large bulky ski jackets overtop so we do not get frostbite (this is a real fear) and most of the time with huge, clunky boots with no choice. We are entering the beautiful six months of moderate temperatures that encourage tightlyess outfits, and here are my lusts for this season.

ASOS Gypsy Skater Dress in Paisley Print $53.80

Jenny Printed Contrast Top Maxi Dress $50.00

Pull&Bear High Waisted Distressed Denim Shorts $43.02

ARIANNA $44.98

Glamorous Polka Dot Tea Dress $38.73

Aztec Buckle Backpack $55.00

These are obviously only a few things that I’ve been looking at recently. For spring I like to stick to solid pastels or basic colours like brown or white with printed like Paisley, and for some reason this warm season is bringing me a huge attraction to axtec prints. I am looking for things that I can wear to work, volunteering, tea and date night, but also things that will last and potentially transfer over to other seasons. I hardly ever buy anything full price, and very little of what I do buy cannot be worn all year round, there are just some pastels that don’t transfer, and some fabrics that are primarilly better for the summer.

What are you wishing for this Spring?

xx Jess


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