This Is Hungry Work

I have had little motivation this week to write and complete the few pre-planned posts that I had wanted to share. There are two sitting right now in my drafts folder waiting to be looked at again, and they’ll get the attention that they deserve, but not right now. I wanted to write them so bad, they are really neat ideas and its just…not the right time. I sometimes think that living a life where you have to make your own schedule was glamorous, think again past me, making your own schedule means that if you happen to sleep in for a few hours no one reprimands you. If you want to watch Full House for three hours while eating lunch, that’s fine, because you are the boss.

I am a creature of routine, and so when my routine falls off the wagon it becomes mayhem. Needless to sa, I’ve needed a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw moment. I neeeded to back up some of my work, re-evaluate what I want to be working on, and recharge. This has come in a wave of overwhelming affection for girly things, for Sex and the City again, for cocktails and dresses, for flowers…man, I wish I had some flowers for my desk this week, and things like that. Things that are springy, it seems, have begun to nest in my life. Great.

I saw a post yesterday on…Buxxfeed? Well, one of those crazy super-current-news flashes that had pictures of young girls wearing tshirts with spaceships and dinosaurs on them to “throw out gender stereotypes.” Is this revolutionary? I feel like I’ve been pondering the word “revolution” a lot this week, it might be due to my yoga practice being surrounnded by the word “trust,” sometimes I find the two very linked, like now. How is something that encourages young girls to choose what they want to wear “revolutionary?” I mean, its great, man, I was ALL UP IN the dinosuars and power rangers and sharks, whales, sometimes delegated “boy” toys when I was a young chap, but the idea of having CHOICES isn’t revolutionary, is it?

Every mom wants to put their baby girl in a pink bow and a baby boy in a blue bow, but by the time they are old enough to choose the toys they want to play with, despite being given barbies or monster trucks, are going to manipulate their surroundings to reflect their wants. Some parents don’t allow their boys to have Barbies or their girls to have trucks, but I just…maybe it just doesn’t make sense to me why this is a “new” wave of parenting.

Or maybe that’s just my opinion.

Today I’m wearing a dress and tomorrow it might be a man’s blazer with jeans, is there a problem within that?

What interests me about all of this is that the idea of a Revolution literally changes wherever you are, and from various perspectives. I find the idea of reality so intriguing because it is different from my perspective to the next, my idea of reality changes, my idea of revolution changes, my idea of trust-changes- and that is the beauty of our world. We have some kind of collective understanding but the rest is just “go on and play!” and we do it. We all have a reality of our own, and that is the jist of it. We all work around the realities we construct for ourselves in relation to eachother’s .

My idea of a revolution isn’t having the spaceship tshirts available for toddler girls, but to have toddler girls dress up as ninja turtles and play with swords and dance around in fairy wings while doing it. Being creative and having an imagination is what allows us to keep open minds for the future when we have to decide our own realities, and when we oppress those outlets from a young age we…well, general statement obviously, we diminsh the ability to have an open mind.

To return to my Carrie bradshaw moment…

I’ve been thinking about all of these things, and it has got me thinking, in life, is it the reality that we choose that moulds us, or are we all destined to live in one reality?

And that, my friends, is why I write pre-planned programming on a regular basis, so I don’t sound like a lunatic.

xx Jess


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