History of Fashion: How Are we Affected by What We Wear?

Women have had to “look a certain way” in order to wear the clothes that are offered to them and available in a variety of ways, and it has come to my attention that fashion may have influenced a woman’s ability to be sane. I’m not trying to say that women are crazy, all women, at one point in their lives or another, has experienced moments of overwhelming stress and other emotions that contribute to a speculatively biased perspective on their sanity, and I would say that it may be influenced by the clothes that they wear.


I don’t know about you, but that does not look comfortable.  That dress denies the wearer (Marie Antoinette here) the ability to breathe deeply, and in a lot of instances (and from my own experience) just the ability to have some deep breaths allows anyone to regain calm in any situation, or at least a very faint memory of calm.  This is why we don’t sleep in skinny jeans, because no one would be able to relax while trying to fall asleep in such a tight contraption, imagine trying to make sound decisions in tight “cincing” clothing that tightens your chest and ribs, literally where you breathe is being made to look smaller for the benefit of others, clearly not yourself.

Alternatively, here is a crop top (I dare say it is cute, but still)


But I would argue (having worn crop tops in a few varieties myself) that I do not feel comfortable “belly breathing” as the yogis would say in a shirt of such.    Popular culture encourages women to imitate the “cinching-in” corset by having shirts that show off their tummies.  I spent most if not all of my adolescence and well into my teenage years obsessing over my lower belly and howmuch it would protrude over my jeans.  This caused me to not EVER breathe deeply in ANY situation, and when horomones are raging there is a small chance that I would be excused for my rash behaviour or “crazy,” emotional breakdowns.

I’m not saying that this behaviour is caused by the clothing we wear, people make rash decisions and have a hard time remaining calm any time regardless of what they wear, but I don’t think it helps.  Breathing deeply relieves stress, it calms you, and having clothing that encourages you (or physically restrains you) from doing that perpetuates the lack of calm in any wearing them.

What has come from this realisation?  That clothes are meant to be worn as an expression of who you are, not toforce you to look a certain way.  Boy do I love Vogue magazine, but I do not think for a sexond that if I put on a runway look like this


that I am going to look that amazing or change my life (trust me, my body type is not meant for dresses boots or hair like that) but it sure is pretty to look at, no?

Its all about inspiration.  I love corsets, and the large skirt look, I love dinosaurs and sometimes crop tops with a high waisted skirt, andman do I love boots and colour, but integrating that into my own style my own way is the whole point.  It’s like Meryl’s iconic fashion monologue from The Devil Wears Prada (first name basis alert, to clarify, Meryl Streep, if you live under a rock and don’t know this reference) (also clearly paraphrased heavilly) as much as you want to think that you are outside of fashion, the colours, fabrics, and a ton of other things that are involved in the clothing you wear are picked by “the people in this very room,” meaning to say, that the people who depict what goes in fashion are the people who influence you no matter what you wear.

It is taking that knowledge, knowing that “Cultural Icons” like celebrity stylists, Vogue editors, people of the Media and ultimately the consumers (the audience, US) depict what is “fashionable,” and not feeling pressured to buythat Forever 21 crop top but finding soething that fits the style and you are comfortable with instead.  I hear that croshe a scarf, or invert the trend and find crochet accessories or hair bands, its embellishments, its where our style comes from, and it shouldn’t inhibit us from living life (and breathing).


I hear that crochet-knit crop tops are all the rage for the summer, but like…I’m not really into that.  It means that maybe I’ll invert the trend by buying hair bands and accessories like a backpack that is crochet, instead of going right for it.  It is whatever is good for you, that’s what its supposed to be anyway, not the ultimate desired way to look or be.

What’s my point/advice?  Wear clothes that let you breathe and stop worrying too much about the specifics of Vogue magazine, that’s why Anna Wintour is there, she can worry, you just pick it up, flip through, giggle at the hair and makeup, oo and aw over the colours and cool fashions, lust over the bodies, and then go about your day.  You’ll be influenced somewhat, interpolated by the advertisements and models, but it shouldn’t be a negative thing in your life, but enhance your already-vibrant style in you!

xx Jess


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