Last Week Goals

I almost called this post the “Bucket List” but I would rather make an achieveable list of goals as opposed to setting myself up for potential failure in not completeing the entire list, but it is essentially a Bucket List of the things I want to do with my last week without work!

1. Finish my Spring Cleaning and lists
2. Work Through two different recipes
3. Spend every night doing something relaxing and what I actually want to do
4. Write everyday (other than blogs)
5. Change Layout of Blog and Schedule (?!)
6. READ!
7. Find a place to live…
8. Get into Sleep and Workout Routine for work
9. Finish one or two of the shows I’m watching

I hope that most of these things actually happen, I have a plan in my mind of how its going to go, but the last goal is probably the most important at this point. Stop stressing out, get things done as they come, and enjoy the last bit of freedom before full-time work. It’s been a long journey coming to this point of being busy again, and its had its ups and downs, so I am hoping that the last week will encompass all of the positive, comfortable parts with little stress.

xx Jess


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