Spring Cleaning #2: Birth, Life, and Writing

You may have noticed that around Cosy Notebook the content has been changing slightly along with the schedule of the posts. There is method to my madness, friends, and that is SPRING FEVER! Despite the frosty winds and snow that has just landed overnight in Ontario (bleh!) I have caught the Spring Cleaning bug, and with good reason. A week from tomorrow I start a REAL JOB where I have to be working FULL TIME, and as exciing as that sounds it means mostly everything about every aspect of my routine has to change. You may have noticed my post from earlier this weekend outlining my goals for this upcoming week, well, my routine is changing at the birth of a new chapter in my life.


I’m hoping to be changing my posting schedule for this blog (among a plethora of other things, surprises, and other tidbits that you will notice over the next week!) but that is a small part of my routine that is changing with the seasons. My physical activity schedule is abuot to change drastically as I have goten into a lovely routine over the past five-seven months where I work out nearly every day. This is changing. What I eat and how long I sleep will be changing. Potentially where I live should be changing shortly as well, so what do I do to prepare myself for this magnum change?

Clean, organize, gradually induce change into my routine.

This method has helped me ever since I started going to school and would have to wake up way earlier on school days than the sleeping-in-lounge-y-ness of summer holidays. One week before school was to start I would get up at the given time and make myself busy like I would have to at school. My junk food consumption would go down, good breakfasts substituted rice krispie squares and mcdicks flapjacks of the holiday variety. This method is helping me now, which is why I am writing this so early in the morning (this isn’t even the earliest I will have to be getting up, this is a part of the “gradual” essence of the metho).

What does that mean for my writing?

Although the schedule of the posts are going to change, the content will not. I will be writing about the things that I love, interest me, frustrate me, etc. and I plan on finding more photos and finding more of a running thread of themes. I also want to continue working on various creative aspects of my life like my yoga practice and this new play I’ve got in my head; all of these things are important while moving forward. Writing, it seems, will always be on the horizon, on my radar, in and around my self no matter what my routine is, and for that I am grateful, because without it I am just a weird, loud shell with nothing to talk about (since writing is a main part of my being).

The theme for the rest of this week will be Spring Cleaning and some MASSIVE lifestyle posts like BAKING and RECIPES and TRAVEL and FASHION. All of these things are to come, and I hope in some way I can inspire you to make a small change with the seasons this year. I’d also love to hear what you’re doing for Spring Cleaning if you’re into that, I’m always looking for new things to try!

xx Jess


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