Today was my first day heading off to set up my new job. I woke up at 4:40 am and spent a very long and productive day at my first cubicle, where I met lots of great people, read a book at lunch while drinking a coffee on my own, and commuted with a lovely coworker and brainstormed together. After a long day I came home to my parents having a special dinner of STEAK AND GUINESS PIE (ahhhhhhh, my favourite!!!!) and now, sitting in my theatre tshirt and dinosaur comfy pants am setting up my yoga practice, bath time tv and notes from the car so that my evening is ultra relaxing.

I will be sleeping at the dinner table I tell you!

So here’s what I wore today, I know my last blog post stated I wasn’t a beauty blogger, but I consider myself lifestyle, and this was what I wore to work, so it is relevant 🙂







blouse:  Dynamite

dress pants:  Dynamite

flats:  Spring

ring: family heirloom

relaxing after a long day: Priceless?

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day.  Would love to see a cheeky OOTD from you all if you’ve got a min!

xx Jess


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