Spring Cleaning #3: Sweaters and Storage

I’ve decided to allow myself a month’s spring transition for the clothes, shoes, and cleaning. I think that its an appropriate amount of time for a new change, considering all of the things changing right now. So I started with my sweaters, figuring out which ones are truly winter-related (reindeers, patterns, thick knit etc.) and wouldn’t be great for summertime beachness or cosyness on rainy days. They will be flipped into storage when I go through the summer bikinis later this month.


I then worked through most of the clothes in my closet, floors, drawers, and attempted to fit everything into two drawers. It was a mess to say the least, but I really wanted to try and minimize how much I own considering…well, I’m not going to be wearing all of the shirts that were bought years ago and hardly worn. It is just logical, to go through and if I haven’t worn something in the past year it goes. ITs hard, but someone has to do it (has to do it is the reality, it must be done).


Things are folded neatly, most of the things hung up are bright and sunshine-y, but it is time to pull the coloured clothes from the back and put the black and long-sleeved dresses away for the season. I love dresses all year round, but getting dressed this morning I wished for a non-windy, beautiful day so I didn’t have to wear tights. I think I’m going to have to wait for a while until then.


The other organisational business I got to this week was this small drawers that sit under my desk in my bedroom. I remember buying them on move-in day in my first year of university and they’ve never been completely empty…until now!


I worked through every drawer (which have been sagging and hard to open due to the heavyness of the amount of things inside each drawer) and decided to combine a few keepsakes and desk essentials into my storage bins under my bed. I keep storage under there that will be accessible for any need, and when I move I don’t have to take them all, but only the ones with notebooks and paper and accessible magnifiers and such. This was a great idea, sort of the same as with the sweaters; put away anything I haven’t used in the past year or won’t use until school. It all works out.


I’m trying my best not to overwhelm myself with too much work, so this is good progress for now. Now it is just the matter of keeping my room clean, my mind clear and focused, and my motivation up. Spring is time for rebirth, the inspiration for being healthy, clean, and looking forward to the better weather. The sunshine would be a nice touch, but if we get a lot of April showers I will not be insulted, clear away the mud, gross decaying gunk and snow, and bring in May flowers already!

I hope everyone has a happy long weekend! I’ll be combining my posts for this weekend in a great big one Celebration Monday post!

xx Jess


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