There Is Nothing Like a Good Pie

A good pie, that is, that comes from your own making.  I gathered all of the ingredients (including a pre-made crust, despite wanting to make one from scratch…but…what is a pie weight?  I get it, but I don’t, and we don’t have that, so, pre-made is the way to go!) and popped up my favourite recipe from Hannah Maggs’s blog HERE and got started.  I won’t write out all of the steps, because Hannah does that in her recipe, although I WILL tell you the changes I made.

We pre-heated the oven to farenheit instead of celcius, so we cooked it for 15 minutes at 428 dgrees and then thirty minutes at 375 degrees.  We also did not have any top crust, so instead we put lots of OATS!  My favourite substitute for ALL THINGS!  Oats (rolled oats, instant oats, whatever go nuts) are just an amazing fibre-addition to all recipes.  So is brown sugar, which is the last thing that we changed in the recipe.  I hope to serve these TWO pies (we had shallow shells) tomorrow at our Easter gathering and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend spent with family, friends, and relaxation!




IMG_20150403_164017 (1)

xx Jess


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