Easter Weekend, Makeup, and the Like




IMG_20150405_115045 (1)





IMG_20150405_113844 (1)

Hello friends and sorry for the short hiatus, I know I said that I would be making a big change this week but in all honesty I started working full time and it has thrown me off a bit!  I have lots of posts to go up this week though so stay tuned!  As for today, I will just say that this weekend has been lovely and less-than Spring-y but it has still been an Easter full of laughter and love!  And Makeup, surprisingly, above is my best “do” in a long time!  Below is it with my eyes closed sans glasses…


Just some basic brown eyeshadow in the crease and above my lash line, some pale pink and shimmer mix for the whole lid, and some black eyeliner and mascara (Better Than Sex!  The brand…) and just some basic bronze and blush, no lipstick there but I did use my Smashbox (surprise!  Its the only lipstick I’ve been using lately) Primrose closer to arrival at Grandma’s!  I really loved this look, it was soft but sparkly, still there, feminine and un, and I’m happy to have actually…done it!

Hope your weekends were full of cosy and that this week has SPRUNG up on you…in a good way!  We’re dealing with freezing rain, its hard to be motivated to wear some spring colours when its so dreary out!


xx Jess


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