Audiobook Dismay

I recently got really into this book while travelling to work in the mornings and it was about Space and Space Travel and Mars, and it was…probably inaccurately scientific but scintific nonetheless, and I thought that it would never end, however, the audiobook stopped two and a half hours in.

This was ildly disappointing if only because now I wil never find my place again, because this ocpy just ends. There is not another file downloaded or to download, and it isn’t a normal copy of the novel so it isn’t like I can just re-download it and find my place. I will never know what happened to The Martian (Andy Weir).

So, I’ve decided to hypothesize what would happen if I were on Mars. It sounds logical, doesn’t it?

I read a lot, and lately for some reason astronomy has come up quite a bit (I think thats mainly due to my friend Anna who recomended the first space book I read and now I’m just on a kick) but I’ve always loved the stars. Nerd alert, when I used to…erm…frequent Harry Potter forums I used to TEACH AN ASTRONOMY CLASS. I was fourteen and knew nothing about anything, but we were all kind of in the same boat teaching eachother random Hogwarts classes to pass the time.

I get it I am a loser I’m writing a blog post about Living on Mars I get that don’t worry.

If I lived on Mars I think that my priorities (contraire to what happened in the first two hours o The Martian) would consist of food, water and entertainment. Now, he covers all three of those areas, but I believe that book reading and panicking would also be high on the list… Hoping to be rescued, and although inevitable,impending death is about to occur, I would try to be in somewhat high spirits. The Martian seems extremely calm and kept-headed (is that a term?) throughout the first bit, so who knows, maybe he reads a book later on, he was halfway through watching the Dukes of Hazzard when the audiobook stopped.

What am I even talking about anymore?

The point is, I have an imagination and the ability to share that imagination, not like on Mars where I would be condemned to sharing my stories with myself for the rest of my eternity, and that’s pretty sad. So even though it would be WICKED COOL to live in space, I’m grateful to be able to shar emy ideas, loves, and creativity with you all.

Lots of love.

xx Jess


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