Thinking About Decorating a Room

Good AFternoon, friends!  I have been planning a big move from my family home to a solo apartment.  Luckilly that apartment is furnished, but I have been posed a small obstacle of not being able to bring what is referred to as “wall hangings” to decorate my room.  I have been thinking that I would like it to have more of a “grown up” feel as opposed to recent years of walls smothered in posters of bands and films, sticky note reminders, and paper snowflakes (although all were equally admired and are remembered fondly).  I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, and although I haven’t chosen the particulars here are a few ideas I’ve been toying with.

1.  The “Tumblr”-esque Photo Wall with the Twinkle Lights

This idea is on one hand the cutest most interesting thing I can find that is easy to do and non-wall hanging (minimal sticky blue tack) BUT is also…what everyone wants.  And time consuming.  I mean, I haven’t printed photos for years, and it would be nice to have them hanging somewhere.  I think what I like about this blog is that its about creating a “space” with a “feeling,” which is what I am going for.  My first tip for finding the right bedroom deco is figure out what you want to feel in that room and go for it.  I am looking into printing a few photos myself because of this…

2.  Re-Use, Vintage, Re-Purpose

I do love me anything Vintage, and anything re-purposed.  This blog has FIFTY ideas of different uses for different things, or how to make something old and unexciting into something new and probably much more useful than what you have it now.  I love this kind of idea, and it is great to re-use old organizational things.  One of my favourites is creating your own headboard from fabric.  In something like a dorm or fully furnished apartment its hard to make things look “room-y” but by using fabric and fixtures (ie, wire hangers) shapes and structure can come from anything!

3.  Creatively Maximize Closet Space

While I’ve always had a relatively small closet while living away from home it has always had half-arsed organization, and this website provides creative solutions to keeping organized in a small closet (or any closet, why not?!).  I will definitely be taking from this and working my way through my closeted belongings ina  cute and fun way!

4. Funky DIY Wall Art

Although most of these projects look extremely adventurous I believe that with a little determination, patience, and…talent you might be able to work through them and create something super cool and worthy to go on a wall or a dresser!  Depending on my time (and patience, ha) I will be trying out one or two by purchasing small or various sized canvases at Michael’s.  If anything this has inspired me to take on a craft or two before moving out!

Hope these ideas have inspired your next deco project, I hope to be trying a few of these out myself!

xx Jess


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