Sweater Weather

It is true, friends, that Sweater Weather can really be any time of the year if you wish. But for me the best days of Sweater Weather are early Fall and Early Spring, and as we find ourselves plopped lovingly down in the beginnings of what hopefuly will become a bright and sunny and sometimes rainy Spring, Sweater Weather has graced its presence upon us.

One of my most favourite things about Canada without the snow is the ability to sit on the ground. At my parents house we have this amazing back deck that truly doesn’t get enough use, and in the warmer months I like to lay my yoga mat out back and do yoga in the afternoons. Truth be told in the early Springtime it is lovely to sit back there after dinner with a tea and a script (could this be my evening plans? My memorization has eluded me until this week…ah, the joys of being in the theatre) and taking a half hour or so before the sun goes down in a cosy sweater to snuggle up and listen and smell nature.

That’s just it isn’t it? For me at least. Sweater Weather is all winter but it truly comes apparent when you can just wear a sweater outside of the house, no more coats or boots, just a pair of flats and a sweater. If that light breeze remains then a sweater is needed, and boy do I welcome that feeling with open arms.

Embrace this weather my friends, before we know it it will change into blistering, unbearably hot sweat-y weather instead, and not long after that blistering cold again. The weather is so…fragile and never constant, so when it is as pleasant as this we must care for it and make sure that upon its next return our best sweaters are ready to be worn.

xx Jess


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