The Sun on my Face

After work today I popped in my audiobook (Wild by Cheryl Strade? Straid? It’s an audiobook how do you spell her last name? I’ve only ever heard her say it..alright moving on) and walked to a local market to pick up some home made, whole wheat pizza dough. While crossing the street on my first few moments outside I recognised the weird feeling hitting my face…it was…the sun? Warmth? And it was wonderful. There is something so simple and pure about the moment that winter exits and it is warm enough for you to feel the sun on your legs (Canadian things?) and sit out on a patio to enjoy a coffee/cocktail/good book/good company. There is something so desired about this weather, and its funny that I’ve spent two days on the blog chatting about how happy I am about the sun, but I think its really profound in my life today for a number of reasons.

The huge, impending move that is NEARLY TWO WEEKS AWAY, the big changes, the uncertainty again that I had thought I had gotten over… And the unpredictability of the weather. I think that noticing the weather lately has been….really one of the most stable things in my life. The most reliable thing I can lean on, that there wil be weather, that it will reflect the world aroundme, and reminds me that I am just a small little person in the grand scheme of all of the people in the world, the cosmos, and I’ve lost sight of how this relates to you.

I think its important to look outside once in a while and remember that…blogs are hardly tangible, I can’t see the blog without the help of something else, but the sun hits my face, and I can feel the warmth, and it happens outdoors, and the sun rises and sets everyday. The sun remains reasonably stable, and with that I will trust that its going to rise again tomorrow.

End of weird, hippie, sun salutation/worshiping rant, and promising to stray away from the weather tomorrow!

xx Jess


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