Special Sephora Visit

Good Morning, folks!  Today’s going to be a two-hander as I’ve been a bit busy this week PACKING for my move that is TOMORROW!  There should still be a post up tomorrow, but just in case…here’s one now and another one later on!  Woo!  I’ve re-done the schedule again, so again, just stick with me till I get it all consistent.  I bet it doesn’t even make a difference to you but whatever hey thanks for reading!

Yesterday we took my mom to Sephora for a Makeup “Makeover” or an employee did her makeup all nice and she got to buy a few products that she liked.


This was a birthday gift from a few months ago and now was the first time our schedules all allowed for it to happen!  We had such a lovely time, but as she was getting her makeup did my sister and I paroused Sephora (who needs an excuse to do that) and here are a few things I’m lusting after (not buying) right now!







Sephora is so overwhelming sometimes, and so I ended up just getting a “tester size” (it really is a Travel size but lets be real, BB creams shouldn’t come in extremely small packages, amirite?) Smashbox product, because I’m beginning to love Smashbox more and more everyday.  I hear their Primer is good too!


At the end of our visit my mom looked beautiful (as always) and my sister and I had a great time with her!  So great to have had this experience!  Lots of love!


xx Jess


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