Bagged Lunch

Hello friends! I hope you’ve had a lovely day, this is just going to be a quick little post about what I bring to work for lunch. I tend to buy lunch once a week (unless otherwise entertained with a friend) so the past weeks or so this has been the grab bag mish mash what I usually bring.

I love using containers! Today I brought leftover strips of steak, a small cucumber and a handful of baby tomatos. I love everything in there and they are delicious!


I also bring a small bag of parmesan garlic breton crackers because a meal is never complete with me without crackers.


Usually have a wee yogurt and an apple as a snack. Not shown here because it was already eaten in the morning but I pack a small granola bar, today it was Vector protein, always up for suggestions of good protein bars for my mornings!


This is the cute pink lunch bag that I bring to work! t is insulated and it is awesome! It has a draw string so that I can keep everything together. It’s adorable.


That’s what I eat for lunch! What do you eat? I’d love new ideas for easy things to bring! Tomorrow will probably be a pre-packed salad with crackers and hummus! I love easy things like that!

xx Jess


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