Good evening, friends! Its been five months since the resolutions began and my intention for this year was to cultivate patience in my life. Five months in, it seems as though it has helped tremendously, and I only really notice in very subtle ways.

This morning on my commute to work there are two busses that come to my stop after the subway, and the first one does NOT go where I need to go, and the second one does. They are both called the 11’s, which is confusing, one is B and the other A, and today I got on the wrong bus. It took me around the block, I considered getting off, but instead I sat and waited, hoping and trusting that it would just take me back to where I started.

I unravelled my headphones, put my ipod into my bag, and sat until it rolled back into the station. Ten minute detour for a loop? That’s fine. Got off the bus, waited five minutes, and my bus came to which I got on and got to work only five minutes late. No fuss, not even breaking a sweat, just smooth bus-sailing.

And that, for me, is patience at work in my life. Five months ago–hell, two months ago, I would’ve freaked out, thrown a tantrum (probably not, or, I would like to believe not) break into tears and hyperventilate until I got back to the station, or gotten off immediately and called a cab. I got through it, without freaking out, trusting things would work out, and I did it I did it I did it!

So yeah, there have been moments of panic, but things work themselves out, and you know what? That’s enough for me.

Five months into 2015 and my New Year’s Resolution is still in full swing, and every day I am challenged, and every day I am pleased with myself.

Hope you’re having a great tuesday.

xx Jess


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